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Family vacation together

Family vacation together

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If we're going to have the kids wait for him to come off, he'll have to get ready for some other kind of relaxation, another kind of party. However, if we leave them at home, or if we give up on living, we will be poorer by one chance.

Newly born parents will remember their first vacation with a baby. Not like a little kid! In memory, you will hardly be overwhelmed by the results, but we will listen to our little ones with great interest. Because it takes a great deal of business and organizational attention to prepare and organize your trip.


Hardened nerves and already experienced campers will take up this form of vacation. It is true that in many places the campsite today has a well-developed infrastructure: electrical connections, washbasins, showers, and stone chalets are also waiting for the holidays. However, fares and rates are often close to or even higher than traditional rates.

For lovers of wild romance and less love, please visit or

Rural tourism

Rural property adoption is family friendly, so can be called baby friendly.
- This is a trendy expression of our place for many years, it was self-explanatory. Private is generally not a professional, but it is a family-friendly, family-loving, substantial, knowledgeable service. It can adapt to an unexpected situation even if you are not prepared for it, says Miklós Koziel, director of the Village Tourism Center. ( and
- Most of the time, families built for families are chosen by baby families, because the clean rural air, the silence and the independence of other babies. Homes will lose their stored baby, nappies, and whenever our supplies, games, and storybooks run out. In the gardens, paddling, garden games and furniture, and sports equipment ensure active shutdown for the youngest. If you are interested, you can get acquainted with the traditional village features: livestock farming, cultivation, gardening or even nipples. Another benefit is the solid price (completely free until the age of one!) And the plentiful supply.
Hint: It is worth asking if it is possible to wash at the accommodation, how well equipped the kitchen is, what transportation is needed, as if you do not have to, you do not have to go everywhere by car. Medical and pharmacy services are not available locally, so keep this in mind.

What makes a kid friendly hotel?

Families and small families in Hungary have been paying attention to families with small children for over a decade. There are some where they are expected to offer free accommodation and boarding for children up to three years of age, and some where children can also find outdoor playgrounds. The majority of Hungarian hotels attract their guests with wellness services, a plunge pool and a plunge pool - the majority of them enjoy every child.
It is a great benefit if you don't have to travel a lot. Domestic landscapes also offer many attractions, especially if the children have enough time and space for exploration. Do not regret a little waking up: let's see what's worth visiting once we've gone to sleep, full, and bathed.
They also pay special attention to the needs of small children and small children in foreign hospitals. They provide a variety of services, but they are not uniform. For example, a lousy baby can be hired in many places: from free (to be announced in advance) to 10-14 Euros a day in many ways. There are places where you can buy noodles and diapers, and there are children who get free benefits until the age of two. Baby and kid menus are also included on the page.
The buffet with an ice cream parlor, an organic bar or a fruit corner serves all small children. However, according to tour operators, there is an interesting hotel where travelers with small children are not welcomed at all - three and more children are more likely to recommend apartments for bookings. Although there is no full room service and service there, this is not the kind of family that usually needs it.
Hint: Okay, if you ask how much the hotel is barrier-free, and for example, is it possible to store a stroller. Also check in to check-in so that you don't have to wait until after the arrival to arrange your stay in the foreign city.

Programs for children

A number of hotels also offer babysitting and employment (animation) for parents to relax and unwind. Children of pre-school age can participate in playhouses, "treasure hunting adventures", sports competitions, or simply play under the supervision of their parents at the hotel. However, according to psychologists (and practicing parents), informal leisure time spent with parents plays an important role in the process of developing a family relationship, the deception of the family.
Hint: Let's investigate in what language babies speak to children, whether pools and playgrounds are specifically designed for children and can be used for cycling with children?

Baby on board

Tips, tricks, solutions for longer car journeys
What should we carry in our car?
  • good water closure in glass, in small portions (drink, wash)
  • things to eat, especially greens, fruits, possibly breadcrumbs, biscuits. Be careful not to be distracted by the child when moving!
  • divided into smaller portions for sandwiches for adults and children
  • wet rags
  • paper handkerchief
  • diaper gown with outerwear
  • potty if you already use it small
  • even warmer, at least a thicker outerwear if the air suddenly cools down
  • cloth for window or child cover (and for sleepless peeps)
  • bags for cross-breeding garbage
  • bigger cat coloring for kids (not with a pencil, more felt-tip pens, crayons!)
  • magnetic social media
  • kбrtyбt
  • mesekцnyvet
  • something new to play that you haven't seen yet
  • your favorite baby, stuffed animal, sleeping blanket
  • you can lay down a blanket at rest so the baby can roll.

  • Hint: Put smaller toys on a longer rubber band and hook them to the first seat so you don't have to search for your favorite ones all the time.

    What should we not take?

  • melting, snacking on food
  • rбgуgumit
  • fragile stuff (like a new small car)
  • sharp, dry game (not pencil!)
  • What should we carry in our heads?

  • playable games (barkoch, "finish the story", finding requests, baiting, stories about the sights, presenting the goodness of the destination, great, nice pictures, nice pictures)
  • hide some games and keep them in critical situations
  • prepare for longer travel times
  • let's make sure that whoever is driving doesn't have to look at the kids for a second
  • okay, if we have some music and story CDs

  • Hint: If we start alone, get a baby rearview mirror that can be mounted on either the mother's sunshade or the baby's backrest.

    Repьl a, repьl a, repьl a baby!

    With cheaper low-cost airfares, traveling by air can be attractive. Infant tariffs may be available for some airlines. When paying for the baby, the baby is not entitled to a place outside, but in the adult life. On long-distance trips, we may ask for a basket of locksmiths, which must be indicated when booking. Baby food is also served at most beaches. With babies, an adult can carry up to one baby in the head. (
    Hint: Avoid breastfeeding, breathing in or out, or induce ingestion. This way you can balance the pressure more easily, it won't stop your ears.

    Discounted deal - check, card

    The so-called Üllücs check can be redeemed in the middle of 3,000 services contracted by the National Utility Service Ltd. This support can be used for benefits in kind provided by employees and for domestic holidays. Employees can give employees, or family members of employees, tax-free or possibly rewarded employees a check. In the case of social dependency, a traveler may request a check. They apply for support several times a year, where parents who are dear, pregnant, sick (mothers!) Can apply for this support (after paying 10 thousand HUF you can get a check for 40 thousand HUF!). ( You can use the Üdöllő voucher to cover your travel, travel, or catering services, but you can buy fuel, zoo, fare, beach, beach or beach passes.

    Hungarian Tourism Board

    Few people know it, though with the Hungarian Tourism Card you can order many discounts at, at the points of sale available throughout the country. Get up to 20% cheaper travel, free or discounted transport, free or discounted tickets to the Grand Circus of Budapest, the Tropicarium in Budapest, and the Lake Balaton region.

    Links for kid friendly accommodation: (baby friendly accommodation and other information collection) (hotel with children's programs near Hyvin Alsuphok)

    What should be in the medicine box?

  • fever and analgesia - one that is already successful and does not require cooling!
  • hot flush, tweezers
  • adhesive plaster, twice, disinfectant fluids, wipes
  • anti-allergy drugs (ask your pediatrician for advice before traveling!)
  • ointments for relieving itching due to insect infestation
  • bring the child's vaccination book, Taiwan card, medical records, documentation of any intervention
  • cough suppressant, thoracic, nasal cavity.

  • Tips:
  • If you are breastfeeding, do not choose before traveling!
  • In foreign language, we express about illnesses, possible injuries, abnormal situations, the life of a child can depend on whether we can say, for example, Austrian, Croatian, Italian or Slovenian.
  • In a hotel, we also have to make sure that the air conditioning is used properly: it is not too cold, there is not much difference between outside and inside temperature, and the child is not exposed to the air for a long time. If you can't turn it off in your hotel, ask for help!
  • Baby friendly offers

    Bonne Chance Restaurant and Hotel

    Bбzakerettye, 72 Fõ Street.
    On their homepage - among others - read:
    "Family friendly, tolerance for childlessness and impatience."
    There is a baby cot, a baby bath, a diaper, every room, but even the restaurant is non-smoking. It is also possible to rent a stroller and bicycle. The playground not only has swings and sand, but also a baby, with ropes, swinging straps and even a pet caress. Indoor movement is provided by a huge playground with a colorful sponge where you can move, "live". Specially supervised child care is also available.
    Tel: 36 / 93-348-051
    [email protected]

    Rural tourism, vendéghzz

    In the village of Kozard ( in Nhergrád County, Cserhát, there is a one-person, self-catering guesthouse waiting for families with small children.
    Free services for up to 15,000 HUF per day for up to four members of the family: garden use with garden furniture, playground: swing, sandpit, paddling pool, 3.6 m garden with pool, garden for sports.
    Village Tourism Center
    1074 Budapest VII., Dohбny Street 86.

    Holy Orban Betting

    2625 Kouspallag, Great Plain, Pf .: 1.
    The reception is in the pristine nature, in the middle of a forest. She has a baby, but there is no bath or diaper. There are games made out of the hostel's playground: swings, hammocks, slides, sandy beaches, and a heated water beach with a children's pool and a swimmer. The open-air beach is surrounded by beautiful mountains.
    There is no play area, but babysitting services can cost $ 500 for half a day. In the restaurant there are feeders, half of the dishes on the menu are served, and the food brought by the meal is warmly welcomed.
    Contact: // or 06-27 / 378-034 (06-30 / 900-77-40, Hollуs Dénes)

    So they are on holiday

    The mother of two high school kids says:
    "Our worst vacation was a nine-day vacation, with 14 hrs in the car, and five months later, our baby boy was caught in a rush that we all got afterwards. But my kids still call him one of the best-ever party-goers in their lives. "
    A baby, an expectant mother, and a baby in a family. How do they go on vacation?
    "During the holidays we tend to prefer the apartment over the hotel. Here you eat when you want, no problem with the morning cacao. But if you don't want to cook like this, you can always go to a cheap dining experience. We can take care of each other's babies, and maybe the mothers will be the caretakers, and then the father will. And even those who have no children are willing to help. "

    Wild camping and grace?

    "We ran a real wildlife camp in Szigetkoz a couple of years ago. -this surprised daddy is proud of the roulette photo taken after just thirty people washing up with more lunatic.
    Everyday other and other things cooked up (the costs were added together), while others were bathed in the Danube, pecking, canoeing or going out in the area. A tree for rocking, rocking, a special animal and a flora, the possibility of too much bicycling awaited the little children who are not comfortable. By the end of the year, three-year-old Zsofika was able to sleep big in canoe, childhood and tent. After a week of camping, we were almost locked in a return home, although we live in a garden house. "