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Censorship: where and in what proportion are they abundantly high?

Censorship: where and in what proportion are they abundantly high?

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There is a growing perception that, in contrast to natural parenting, surgery is only a half-routine. All this can be seen in the domestic statistics.

Cesarean section: where and in what proportion do you perform it?

Only medically justified cases should be used for cesarean section - warned last year by the WHO (World Health Organization), looking at cases of globally rising cesarean section. The organization has repeatedly recommended that the ratio of surgeries do not exceed 10-15 percent, because it does not coincide with a decrease in the mid-life mortality rate (mother, newborn). However, experience shows that in our country often for convenience they choose to have a surgical solution instead of a valid reason, not infrequently at the request of the mother. The official position of the professional college rejects this approach, but there is never a good reason to find it.

When's the end of the cup?

If the fetus is transverse, or premature, or if the fetus is overtrained, or if the uterus is fractured. The majority of doctors have chosen to have a baby in the midst of twin pregnancies when the baby is pregnant and is pregnant at first. It is also a conundrum if the mother is small and the baby's estimated weight is high, and if the baby is premature.

Did you know?

Although it is the belief that "once a cup, always a cup", one should not fall in love with this - there are more and more nurses and nurses working in our country who encourage and help women after C-section).

Try an abdominal surgery…

Contrary to popular belief, the frying pan has risks: a great risk of infection, the formation of gummies, the danger of hematopoiesis, and the scar leaving a scar on the skin. From the baby's point of view, the purpose of the passage in the birth canal is / will: for successful adaptation. Let's see where in the world what is the value of the end of the mission (2013-2015 average):
  • Hungarian Army Health Center (Bp.) 55%
  • Semmelweis University (Bp.) 51%
  • Petertery Sbndor Street Crash and Accident Center (Bp.) 51%
  • Vaszary Kolos Kуrhбz (Esztergom) 48%
  • University of Szeged Albert Szent-Gyцrgyi Clinical Center (Szeged) 45%
  • Ferenc Jahn South-Pest Kуrhбz (Bp.) 45%
  • Markusovszky University School of Economics (Szombathely) 45%
  • Bács-Kiskun County Kúrhbaz (Kecskemét) 44%
  • Banyu County Pandy Karnberg (Gyula) 44%
  • Saint Borbaba Kourbaz (Tatabanya) 44%
  • St. John the Baptist and North Buda Unified Boundaries (Bp.) 43%
  • Dr. Kenessey Albert Kуrhбz - Order (Balassagyarmat) 43%
  • Uzsoki Street Kуrhбz (Bp.) 43%
  • Joshua-Nagykun-Szolnok County Weekly Giza Kourrbz (Szolnok) 42%
  • Oroshбzi Kуrhбz (Oroshбza) 42%
  • Ferenc Toldy Courthouse and Order (Ceglid) 42%
  • Jбvorszky цdцn Kуrhбz (Vbc) 41%
  • Karolina Kourrz Order Price (Mosonmagyarуvr) 41%
  • Mezzhour's Court and Order (Mezhtaur) 41%
  • University of Pecs (Pecs) 40%
  • St. Margaret's Church (Bp.) 40%
  • Kanizsa Dorottya Kourbaz (Nagykanizsa) 40%
  • Elisabeth Kourrbaz of Siboraljajjhely 39%
  • Metropolitan Government Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Kurzhaz and Order (Bp.) 38%
  • Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Courthouses and University Educational Center 38%
  • Mohabs Kourrzb (Mohabs) 37%
  • University of Debrecen Clinical Center (Debrecen) 37%
  • Fejér County Gyorgy Győr University Teaching Authority (Szekesfehervar) 37%
  • Keszthely County (Keszthely) 37%
  • Tolna County Balassa János Kуrhбz (Szekszárd) 36%
  • Bugbt Paul Kourrzh 36%
  • St. Elizabeth of Yorkshire 36%
  • Grуf Esterhбzy Kourrz and Ordering Specialist (Papa) 35%
  • Albert Schweitzer Kуrhбz (Hatvan) 35%
  • Ferenc Csolnoky Kurzhazz (Veszprém) 34%
  • Dr. István Bugyi Kourrbaz 34%
  • Erzsébet Oktatу Kourrzb of Sopron (Sopron) 34%
  • Kaposi Mór Oktatу Khrhbz (Kaposvr) 34%
  • Petz Aladбr County Teaching Office (Győr) 34%
  • Zala County Kurzhabz 33%
  • Borsod-Abaya-Zemplin County Kurhazz and University Educational Authority (Miskolc) 33%
  • Siofok Kuhrhzz Order Order (Siofok) 33%
  • Gbbor Kurbrz (Karcag) 33%
  • Pest County Flurr Ferenc Kurrbaz 32%
  • Saint-Lazare County Courthouse (Salguttar) 32%
  • Magyar Imre Kуrhбz (Ajka) 32%
  • Csongrád County Health Care Center (Hajdúszoboszló-Maku) 32%
  • Miskolc Semmelweis Kurzbah and University Teacher (Miskolc) 31%
  • Baja St. Rufus Kurbrz (Baja) 30%
  • Almaty Balogh Pall Kourrz (Уzd) 29%
  • Kürrbaz Island of Szigetvár 29%
  • Kiskunhalasi Semmelweis Kуrhбz (Kiskunhal) 28%
  • Saint Pantaleon Kourrbaz 28%
  • Dr. Rethy Paul Barrow and Order (Békéscsaba) 27%
  • Kenézy Gyula Kurhbaz and Order (Debrecen) 27%
  • Markhot Ferenc Kуrhбz (Eger) 26%
  • Grуf Tisza István Kуrhбz (Berettyoujfalu) 25%
  • St. Imre Kourrzb (Budapest) 25%
  • United St Stephen and Saint Louis Kourrzh - Order (Budapest) 24%
  • St Lombard of Dombourvour (Dombourvr) 23%
  • Krasnodar Krai County 22%
  • Kazincbarcika Kуrhбz Nonprofit Ltd. (Kazincbarcika) 11%


In Brazil, barely half of the children are born naturally, and here most babies are born. In Europe and America, 23% and 35.6%, respectively, are in the proportion of cesarean section, while in Africa only 3.8%.

Lots of you too!

It is always worthy of your doctor and your independent birth protocols (eg puppies, doodles, lectures, etc.) informбlуdnod, with your rights, and good health information to prepare for your birth day. You do a lot to create a natural childbirth! It can also help if you bet: Research shows that the number of people who support them is 50 Szьlйs! - Ask a group of respondents (Data source Veronika Munk - According to our information, no more recent statistics have been published in Hungary at this time)Related articles in Cupping: