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3 kid friendly tips for Halloween

3 kid friendly tips for Halloween

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Halloween is also becoming more and more celebrated in the Celtic tradition of witches, demons and ghosts. Both in the capital and in the country, programs are waiting for the little ones and the bigger ones.

3 kid friendly tips for Halloween

Halloween precedes two sad holidays for us, All Saints and the Dead. Really funny, playfully awesome, witchy, glamorous, demonic fun. You can put on some really scary costume, chocolate or prank around! by spending time cheering up or going somewhere where a program was specifically designed for Halloween. This is especially true, as Halloween coincides with the fall break.Some programs have already taken place over the weekend, but there is plenty to do anyway.

Magic Mountain Halloween Playhouse in the Zoo

We've been accustomed to running programs throughout the year at the Folk Zoo that do not traditionally bring us closer to animals. These include the night walk or a holiday zoo program, now a Halloween holiday. On October 31st, October 10th and 15th there will be pumpkin carving, fun-filled bowls, fun bowling, fun bowling, The program is free until the age of 14. Details on the Zoo page.

Mini Universe Halloween

The Miniversum is also ready for Halloween: on October 31st, Halloween Day, the kids will have fun playing with a delicious Denevir cocktail at the playhouse. Whoever comes in costume can also spin the luck reels.

Round Halloween Party in Debrecen

The Wheeler Adventure Park in Debrecen is set up every day from October 28 to November 5 with some shitty program. The 54000 m2 is a witty shiver for families and children. Next to the Halloween costume procession, there will be a 300 m2 interactive ghost blood, where witches and ghosts will make their way. There will also be full-day stage productions where you can find magic and all sorts of fun.Details of the programs here.
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