How does your child affect your feeding style?

How does your child affect your feeding style?

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Feeding children is not easy at all: they want to eat, they don't want to taste new food, or they may reject what used to be a pet. Not to mention bizarre zombies! What can a baby do? Do you need to do anything at all?

The authors of the article, published in The Washington Post online publication, have a potentially long-lasting effect on how parents respond to these behaviors (which may be considered normal). Dina Rose sociologist and author of a parent book the most important thing is that children have a healthy relationship with the food and the food"If the parent is just focusing on getting their child to eat everything, not hanging out, eating healthy foods, they can easily forget about the parent-child interaction and everything these interactions can teach them," he says. Rose divides parents into five types, based on how they feed their children and what mistakes they make. And if we find out which group we belong to, we can fix our mistakes!Ideally, the child should have a healthy, balanced and varied diet

The tableau

For parents of the feed type the food itself is the caring and the love. Think that delicacies are indispensable to a happy childhood, and they will be overwhelmed when they see how much their children are looking for chocolate or ice cream.
However, this means that children eat far more unhealthy food than they should. In addition, they easily connect feelings with food, that is, they may tend to seek comfort in comfort.

The food order

The food orderers never allow a child to eat sweets, soda, sweets, and ban anything "artificial" or "unhealthy". They want their little ones to eat only healthy, healthy foods, but this is done with extreme rigor, and even if they refuse to give them healthy foods.
The result of this is that any switch can be a battlefield, can cause tension and even unhappiness - and this also affects adult eating habits. Children do not learn to pay attention to their bodies, and it is difficult to determine when they are hungry or when they have been sick. Overly strictly caught children may find themselves secretly, or when they have the opportunity, eat lots of forbidden food.

The renowned expert

Nutritionists know so much about why nutrients are so important that they are simply lost in the details. So think about it unhealthy foods are good for kids because they have enough protein, calcium, or vitamins - sugar, fat or sugar content is not taken into account.
The parents of children of this type often follow an overly unanimous diet, but parents may still be concerned about whether they are receiving all the essential nutrients.

It's a shit

There are parents who have only one thing in mind: the child should not be hungry. Never. They are so afraid that the child will remain hungry for a while (may be excessively lean or may not develop), to always give her the child's favorite treasures, regardless of how healthy it is.
The baby of the parents of the old type is eating unanimously and generally snacks a lot. And the children all use hunger to raise awareness and learn to avoid hunger everywhere. This also means that they often get tired of themselves and simply do not realize that they are already dead.

The reward / consolation

The reward / consolation uses meals to protect your child from unpleasant sensations or to celebrate success. Did you scratch your leg and head? Go ahead with the chocolate. Are you getting the wrong ticket and are you disappointed? The best solution is ice cream. Did you appear in the lyrics competition? Direction of confectionery.
However, this attitude is straightforward for adulthood and for emotional (emotional) eating. Children should learn that hunger is the same as intense feelings, that is, if they are willing to work on these - both positive and negative sensations - they can do it all through evident. (Via)You may also be interested in:
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