Isn't the baby coming? It can also be caused by the thyroid gland

Isn't the baby coming? It can also be caused by the thyroid gland

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There is often a lack of thyroid hormone production in the background of infertility. Diagnosis of thyroid dysfunction is a well-treatable disease;

Dr. Rita Rencz, an endocrinologist, shared her experience with the Svabbegyhegyes Gyogyintézia.

It does not always cause symptoms

Thyroid hormone deficiency does not always present with symptoms. Occasionally, the problem occurs when a woman is unable to become pregnant or has spontaneous pregnancies. More severe cases can, of course, be accompanied by complaints, but unfortunately, even in this case, the disease is not always recognized in time, says the doctor of endocrinology. In the case of suspicion, the most important test is a blood test, a hormone-based test for the determination of an antibody, and a thyroid ultrasound test. Pregnancy may occur after normal hormone levels are reached. It is important to monitor thyroid function closely during pregnancy and, if necessary, to modify the treatment.Thyroid hormone deficiency may not always be symptomatic. Thyroid hormone regulates the functioning of all cells of the body. It facilitates oxygen uptake, accelerates metabolic processes, and the body's energy utilization. It also plays an important role in the normal differentiation and development of cells. The fetus has an important role egйszsйges йs spiritual body is fejlхdйsйben, ezйrt the spontбn vetйlйsen tъl halvaszьletйs, koraszьlйs and fejlхdйsi rendellenessйgek is more common in elх hiбnyukban.A thyroid hormones hiбnyбban deteriorating fogamzуkйpessйg, progesterone elvбlasztбs elйgtelennй vбlik, common in megtapadбsi nehйzsйg , and premature abortion - adds dr. Rita Rencz.Further related topics:


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