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What is a Breastfeeding Outpatient?

What is a Breastfeeding Outpatient?

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We call attention to the new, lackluster service that has existed in a baby-friendly store so far, but since it is widespread, it is well known that it is important not to speak.

A woman's breast, especially at a time when milk is being produced in it, is something that no one counts in the health care system. Who to contact your mother for example if you have breast inflammation? And if it is painful to breastfeed? And what if you need to take medicine? And if you want to suck a dozen times eight times a night? Or if you just don't want to suck on her weekday? Do the advice you receive promote exclusive on-demand breastfeeding for up to six months and then continue breastfeeding for two years or beyond, as recommended by the World Health Organization?
Health Inquiry Is Breastfeeding In General?
Whether it was originally or not, nowadays it seems that the mother is primarily in contact with health workers during breastfeeding. In the meantime, there is usually no problem as long as everything goes well. However Manapsбg frequent szoptatбsi problйmбk because kevйs authentic йs the szoptatбst elхsegнtх informбciу reach the anyбkhoz, contact the velьk kerьlх vйdхnхk, csecsemхбpolуk, pediatricians, szьlйszek йs szьlйsznхk kйpzйsйbхl and hiбnyoznak the segнtsйgnyъjtбst lehetхvй tevх accurate naprakйsz, rйszletes informбciуk. So many times, mothers seeking help get a variety of contradictory advice, and quite often, and unreasonably, recommend breastfeeding. It is always rare for a doctor, nurse or infant to refer lactating mothers (with a full list here) to mothers whose knowledge is limited to solving the problem. Only the third year of Semmelweis University is a postgraduate course in which extensive knowledge on breastfeeding support can be obtained, in line with international standards.
Fortunately, more and more pediatricians feel that their professional knowledge is being successfully developed by the lactation specialist and, as the title suggests, launching a nursing outpatient clinic. At these locations, during certain order times, and at the expense of Social Security, they usually deal with maternal and baby breastfeeding issues through pre-registration. The advantage of this form of care is that in cases where a pediatrician's nursing advisory board leads the appointment and requires institutional review, further examinations are needed, and there is a need for medical advice. Breastfeeding outpatient clinics are characterized by a holistic approach which, for example, means that the mother and infant are always offered in front of the eye, and their problems are not viewed independently. This is particularly important in cases where the mother or infant is suffering from a chronic illness, which may require medication, hospitalization, or a reduction in breastfeeding. As a result, solutions that allow breastfeeding to continue, or at least partially maintain, may be needed. When it comes to milk paste, the mother and baby take great care of the baby.
The first breastfeeding outpatient in a children's hospital
In the autumn of 2012, the first nursing outpatient clinic in Bethesda Children's Hospital in Budapest, which operates not in obstetrics, but in a children's hospital with three pediatricians. Dr. Vegné dr. Krisztina Bihari, dr. Krisztina Szalkay, dr. Réka Steinbach has the highest qualification in breastfeeding available in Hungary and is the holder and holder of the internationally recognized IBCLC title. The New Ambulance Order is available on the 2nd floor pediatric dispensary at Bethesda Street No. 3 and is open from 12 to 16 hours on Tuesdays. Check-in and appointment by phone on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 17 and 18 on mobile 20 / 56-99-044 or Tuesday 17 and 18 on 70 / 27-12-356.
Where is the Breastfeeding Outpatient?
A similar service works even though dr. Csaba Kуs Children's Campaign IBCLC, Eger Tуthné Hasillou Annamaria Born in Eger, and at St. Stephen's Court in Budapest dr. Katalin Sarlai and dr. Katalin Waldinger neonatologic pediatrician with IBCLC. All locations require prior registration. More information and other nursing specialties can be found here:


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