Be your own story in Maternity Magazine! Йvzбrу Party

Be your own story in Maternity Magazine! Йvzбrу Party

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Be your own story in Maternity Magazine! Йvzбrу Party

Just like last year, you are the last issue of Maternity this year! Be in it, let's celebrate this year!

In this page, only you, text, photo, drawing, tummy, baby, dad, grandma, dog, kitty will be featured as you like!

What do you have to do to get in?

Choose what you want from 3000 to 3500 characters
- I said we would have a baby
- So we chose a name
- Breastfeeding
- Introducing the one who helped me the most: granny, girlfriend, doctor, nurse
- Top 5 good tips that we have paid for
- Top 5 you never do
- We were born
- Apostolic
- Anything else you need to share with your Hungarian baby mama

Fotуzz! Send me a picture and text in the following topics:

- Our favorite baby recipes
- Our favorite maternity or baby clothes
- The best toys, baby gear we've ever come across
- The funniest situation
- Drawn by Х
From each of the sections, we choose the best of three to present them to everyone. Of course we also send a photo for the event! All submitters will be included in the page how, surprise! Delivering: Maternity Baby Room Gift Package for everyone we have selected for your art!
Put the number under the Christmas tree in which you will be included!
Post your letter and photo here: [email protected]
In the discussion, you would say: Йvzбrу party
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