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Such is life in the family

Such is life in the family

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Life in the Big Family - anyone who does not know it may not realize what it is. And those who know him are generally fans of him!

Many brothers and sisters

Where there are more siblings, children learn to adapt to others in their first years. They can more easily fit into the community, and without a serious spiritual desire, they accept that they have to share certain things with others and not fall into the fold all at once. The йlet also brought a large csalбdban цnfegyelemre, it is useful szintйn tulajdonsбg the felnхttek vilбgбban. Perhaps these traits distinguish most from the family where only two children grow up side by side.

The team

If a lot of kids are living together and not too much of an adult, they are sure to create a good little community and develop special games that each have their part to play. Many parents come to the realization that even the smallest child reaches pre-school age, that 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 is not him, but at most three, and even less. Because while there are one or two kids in the house, there's always someone in mom's skirt - but more than that, they're more busy with each other.
In such a home, it is not uncommon for a lot of children to regularly encounter a few friends or neighbors, and thus be less likely to get bored and therefore anxious. You can make up to three more sandwiches for a snack - but it's worth it.
In families with many children, the big ones often discipline the smaller ones. This is often more effective than the "upbringing" of the parents. Why? The big ones can better explain to the little what they think is inappropriate, because they themselves are children, in simple "childlike language", and are right in their full consciousness to have a definite grief for the smaller. They are just as well-regarded as adults.
Brothers and sisters should know what effective forms of discipline are. It wouldn't be a good idea to punish the little ones; instead, they would sweep them down to the yellow ground immediately, without complicating it. Often this is something the parents do not take into account. He only sees that his third (overcrowded) child learns "by himself" not to run down the body, not to eat the soap, and not to doodle into books.


The children szбmбra - leginkбbb the testvйrek alapozzбk the biztonsбgйrzetet - in addition to szьlхk. In a small family, when a child has sex with their only sibling, or if his parents are angry with him, he often gets left alone with sorrow and pain. He is very much in the midst of a lot of brothers and sisters with at least a little companion, and knows very well the right way to console himself - as you often wear these shoes.
That is why brothers and sisters also know about the circumstances in which little ones lose their safety, which are scary situations that adults do not consider so critical - because they have forgotten how old they are. In addition to parents suffering from ill health, physical or mental illness, the siblings' safety and affection save children from developing mental problems.

Do you lose a child to many siblings?

As long as self-discipline, adaptability, inspiration and other good social qualities are solidified in the great family, there is of course a great deal of equilibrium to be eliminated, not uncommon. To deal with such problems, parents are reluctant to find the simplest, most effective solution, as many children do not have the time or energy to deal with different parenting issues. They are forced to treat children in a determined and consistent way - failing to do so will create complete chaos in the family.
Of course, it is not possible to treat all children the same way, and not even to treat them all, because they are unique and have special needs. Today, most parents are openly talking about their children 's love for and other qualities, and they are differently mistreated. Meanwhile, they also know that every child is expecting food and stuff.
The key to meeting this challenge is to get to know your kids and be curious about them, even when they've outgrown their kindly toddler age.

Two tips

- Let's be alone with one of our children and then devote all our attention. We may only be able to do this every few weeks, but be sure to do so.
- Pay attention to our own behavior! The szьlхi magatartбs one leginkбbb kцvetett sample of children egymбs kцzцtti viselkedйsйben. If parents are persistent in tension and "quench" it by quarreling, hurting, pouting, even battling, don't be surprised if they take it from their children.
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