Breast surgery or breastfeeding?

Breast surgery or breastfeeding?

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There are some who are thrilled with the new forms. Others claim they were not lying underneath. We have called for breast surgery with the help of a plastic wound, a lactation consultant and a psychiatrist.

"It has always been important to me to look good. I was a little chubby, and I had been consuming since I was 14," says Anna (29), a three-year their parents wore them to make-up competitions. "My other problem was that I had barely enough breasts. I was a teenager working on breast enlargement, but I just wanted to have my children. luckily I was relatively easy to get pregnant with hormone therapy, but I couldn't breastfeed. I was hoping it would get better after breastfeeding but it didn't work out. When Christopher, our third child, was one, I checked in for plastic wounds, and they were soon shocked. "I confessed, she was so stubborn about her small breasts that she hadn't liked to see her in the mirror. he loved his wife as he is, but he respected his concerns. He never forced or supported me when he set himself up for surgery. "The doctor suggested a smaller size for my body, but I wanted you to feel that bigger implant kйrtem. My boyfriend liked the rehab and we were both overjoyed with the outcome, "says Anna, who had terrible pains after the operation." The birth was nothing I felt in the first few weeks. As if I had an elephant on my chest, I had to learn to breathe again. But it was worth it. "The implant was half Anna placed under the pectoral muscles, for a more natural effect. "The kids behaved very kindly after the surgery, and told me that I couldn't pick them up for a while. My baby Adri knew what was happening to me, we explained to him. He also once said that after he saw her, I will have to have my nipple done too. I hope it won't, but if it does, I'll support it, "adds the mom who had previously considered nose surgery, but her husband didn't want to change her face, so she resigned rуla.
"Few people seek out a medical professional before plastic surgery, though it wouldn't be worth it often," we learned. Psychiatrist from Tünde Battonyai. "Those who have gone before, have given it a good thought, and in very well-justified cases, because they cannot be solved by their own, relieves them of anxiety, it is worthwhile for them to intervene. In this case, you usually do not follow the second or third operation of the first one. If, on the other hand, the patient thinks he will be able to hold the pair with twice the size of his breast, There are problems with revising. For them, bigger breasts will not give you long-lasting satisfaction, then they will want to have their noses repaired, and then the rest of the body will come. "
According to the expert, Anna could be forgiven for her back-reading problem, which could mean that the mother will never be truly self-satisfied if she expects happiness from the perfect body image she imagines.

"I'm sorry I didn't lie down"

In the past, it may seem that the problem of physical inactivity, which has previously appeared to be a big problem, is being completely removed from the agenda.
"Since my adolescence, my dysfunction has been confusing, but I was hoping that pregnancy and breastfeeding would improve," says Detti (37), a very pretty mother with three children. "Unfortunately it didn't happen, and it got worse. The small, tight one would have been bigger and opened up. We still wanted a baby, so I didn't go to surgery, but after the birth of my second child my breast was defiledthat I went to a consultation. We talked about everything, got a quote, and the situation started to get worse. "Detti got all the support from her husband.
"I didn't think how big I liked my wife the way she was, but I couldn't help but think she was the best woman in the world," the male, Tibor, turns on. "I was like, if you feel better about yourself, be good."
Life, however, meant that Detti was pregnant for the third time, and her attention was redirected again. "I was a little hesitant about spending so much money on surgery, but I was really concentrating on something else because I was having a hard time getting pregnant. And then, after a year of gathering my baby, I was so frightened that I had seen many other things, even myself. this whole thing would have been worth it, "the mother confesses.
According to the psychiatrist, how we see ourselves is often undefined, so it is not advisable to make hasty decisions because we can, after all, be sorry. "If we were not too distant, there would probably be no solution surgery, therefore, in this case, it is definitely worth consulting a specialist, "explains Dr. Battonyai Tünde.

Breast surgery or breastfeeding? (Photo: Europress)

"I didn't wear my breasts for breastfeeding"

Veronica is one of those among those who are afraid to have a mellnagyobbнtбsra. "In 2006, I lay in bed at 19," says Veronika Erdélyi (27), mother of two, the six-year-old Perla and the mother of two-and-a-half Zara. "For a foreign acquaintance we were looking for a doctor at home, and seeing the result, I also liked to have surgery. my doubts because I wanted kids shorter and when I went to see the doctor, my first request was can i breastfeed. Х reassured, he said that the intervention would not affect the gland. She was right, I breastfeeded all of my babies without problems, and I had plenty of milk, "says the mother, who had a fluid implant under her pectoral muscles." Now I think it is better to breastfeed with these breasts, as they become more fertile after the birth. I wasn't scared of my breasts being deformed at all, it was more important that my kids had breast milk. Anyone who does not know that they have died will be surprised when I decide to have an implant, "smiles Veronica, who can be proud of her beautiful, proportional shapes.

After breastfeeding, it is worth waiting for a year

"Girls between the ages of 18 and 20 show up for breast enlargement and other breasts, but I do not recommend breast surgery before having a baby, pregnancy and after breast-feeding because of the expected changes in shape and size of the breasts, "informs Dr. Zoltán Rusz about plastic wounds." weep the gland. In the case of a mom who wants a correction after breastfeeding, I would advise to wait for a year, because the shape of her breasts is constantly changing, "says the doctor, and then recounts the plastic surgery. mellmыtйtekand, among these, the most prominent procedures are breast augmentation.
"Year after year, they are getting more and more undernourished and generally looking for real needs. If we have extreme expectations, we don't expect them, but they rarely happen." Zoltán Rusz, who says that patients are generally well-informed, knows the risks and the benefits of surgery. Small-haired packs, which have the effect of correcting more or less heavily altered body parts during childbirth (abdominal surgery, thighs, or buttocks), at the same time, do so. "It is technically possible to perform consolidated corrective actions publicly, but in practice, I find it irrelevant to perform multiple operations on a patient at a time, as one can be overwhelming."

There are risky surgical techniques

"The implant should not, in principle, prevent breastfeeding if: inserted into the pectoral muscle"- explains Ibolya Rouge's lactation specialist." If left under the gland, it can cause breastfeeding. In these cases, there is a higher risk of lacrimal duct obstruction, chest inflammation, and a higher risk of lumps. And mumps is usually massively massaged by the mothers, causing even more damage, "the specialist emphasizes. It is also problematic to undergo surgery on the nipple because it also involves the nerve and the mammary glands. Нgy you will lose the sensation of the bud, the breast will not get enough stimulation and much less milk will be produced. "
THE inserting larger implants it happens that the whole bimbo-bimbo-yard complex is relocated. "Milk production starts, but the milk does not come out because there is no outlet, and the consequence is that the breast bursts and the milk dries up slowly," says Ibolya Ruzza. "Young women who have had breast enlargement in the past are best advised to consult their lactation advisory board. Many, for example, underdeveloped breasts they ask for more surgery, and it is often discussed during discussions that drastic puberty in puberty or certain illnesses have left behind the development of the breast. Unfortunately, in these cases, the glandular gland is usually underdeveloped, which prevents breastfeeding. "


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