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Can Breastfeeding Alcohol Consumption Affect Your Child's Nervous System Development? asks a worried mother.

Question: Drinking alcohol meant that I drank a glass of beer (2-2.5 deci) or wine (1-2 deci) two times a week, three times a week, around the age of a child, due to personal difficulties, sometimes and evenly -nйgyszer. Alcohol consumption occurred in the evening hours, but my little son was breastfeeding at night, so drinking and breastfeeding could be about two and a half hours long. In my opinion, the taste of milk did not change, because my little son did not turn away from milk, but consumed it wisely, and the quantity did not decrease. He had already received some solid food, but he suckled in the evening, morning and night. During my pregnancy, I only rarely drank alcohol, perhaps twice or three times a glass.
I am very worried about my child, who is now growing up, because of this, because of his attention deficit problems, all the behavioral differences - such as discipline, ruthlessness - that I own, and I have a very good conscience. There is a lot of information on the internet, and unfortunately I also thought at the time that it was more favorable to me.
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W. Ungvberry's Choice: Dear xy.!
From the absorption of alcohol, it must be known that the blood alcohol level is the same as that of the milk produced, and the rate and extent of degradation is similar. What is different: the alcoholic capacity of the fetus or infant's liver is still lower than that of an adult, so the amount that may be insignificant in an adult can be quite damaging to the child. So, if you search the Blood Alcohol Calculator on the Internet, you can calculate how much wine is given and how long it takes for your body to break down to such an extent that it is virtually non-existent in milk.
The quantities given by you are not significant, I do not personally believe that they have had any adverse effect on the child, although there is no scientific research to determine how much alcohol, cigarettes or cigarettes I have . Now, no one wants to persuade mothers to drink so much and so much, because the conclusion is that they can't do it a little bit more. That is why it is advised not to drink alcohol at all while breastfeeding or baby.
After all, you can't change what's happened after all. If you have problems, seek help from people close to you and try to avoid using different kinds of pills. Our psychological specialist, Judit Szхdy, can also seek help from a child to help clarify whether this is really a distraction, and if so, what may be the reason. There are thousands of other reasons for such a problem. For example, tension between parents, quarrels, and the problems that result from it, or treating the child more, can delay the development of the nervous system much more than consuming a glass of juice. Of course, without the specific conditions, the child and my personal knowledge, I can only express this in general.
Maternal bereavement is not good advice either, because it is the child who feels it, and I think that the parent-child relationship is not the most solid, reassuring basis, because it insecures the child, who and worrying about whether I'm a good mother. Yes, I could be a good mom even if I drank two glasses of beer. Because the essence of your mother is unconditional love and the effective conveyance of the sense that no matter what you are, my child, I still love you, I stand by you, accept what you are.
This does not mean, of course, that parents cannot set boundaries or set up markings, on the contrary, that value is an important task of parents. The two things must complement each other. Of course, this is not always easy, because we are used to the nitty-gritty of where my life is, what it knows, how clever it is, how well my child is capable of the rest. This is what often takes me far from the ideal.