Esther's Diary - Week 22 Our Life

Esther's Diary - Week 22 Our Life

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There are strange thoughts in Esther's head. For example about self-sacrifice. What will it be like when the baby arrives? How much will it melt with the kid? How will the relationship then develop?

I won't stop. I'm full of energy and only my stomach is stopping me from having more power than a powerpuff girl! I have to go, I want to go and I go.
For example, in the market hall in the morning or dear to buy a stand. Of course, no questions asked, the greedians are there too. Buy Hungarian goods on the market! And let's get nervous about a hundred here, a fifty, done 30 days later. You don't have that in big clothes, but the rape isn't Hungarian either. Anyway, well you get along, and then it's a little bit, and then my hips are hurting ... and you don't have to get pregnant ... get pregnant. And our friends are there! There are so many, but there are so many! By the time the line ends, let's start with the encounters. The parties always attract me, they attract me because I am afraid because I am full of miles and kraft! You have to go out and dance at night, Giza is afraid, sometimes we debate, and my parents give me a shout to calm down and down. But it's so nice! The air is so cool! Fragrant! And I want to feel it!
Do you watch Pippa Lee's Life Like A Movie? Sometimes I remember that we could be so many. Our tranquil presence in the minds is returning, thanks to our lion, who was once in our entirety. Only life has forced us into other roles, or we have just chosen other situations, the point being that what we were before would not disappear. This seems dangerous enough. Suppressing ourselves with ourselves? But we can also call the change winds such periods when we are sacrificing a little something of our own, like a baby. The mare is not a jerk. So, Pippa Leeb says, she became a gazelle among the years, the lion hiding in it was discovered by the young and loose Keanu Reeves after so many years. After so many years, after years that were born of her boyfriend, her children, they were all bare, and still not a little good. According to therapists, it is a relatively new phenomenon that some parents and mothers devote so much to their children that they do not realize it at all: they are in the midst of it, or worse, their happy relationship. Veszйlyes. According to the practitioner, it must be wholesome because the child is happy if we are. Logical. But logic and feelings are not always fair. Neither do I believe in marketing (?), Above all sacrifice, although we women are good at it. I believe in good guys, couples and self-knowledge. Then we'll see.
Our baby, Barnabas / Brown / Brownie, is good, the feet are getting stronger and my mother is. Maybe I should have just kicked me so far? :) But I'm still not expecting a baby, I still haven't got it emotionally, so much I know, I know, I'll be doing it for as long as tomorrow! These nine months are out for me, like me who are slow to ripen, in a rhythm like their fetus. I also have to give birth, or at least have to give birth. And whatever anyone says, it's obviously not a two-day process. Giza returned home one month later and was called back to London two days later to shoot a new 007 scene. It was a bit of a shock. By the time I had forgotten someone was in my bed again, not again ... but outside, what do I say now? In general, I always have the same attitude towards these sudden and unpredictable jobs, cool and go. This is obviously a common joke, even if I (the rest of us) are not on the set. But we support them, provide a secure emotional background, look forward to and love them. It is harder for me to be patient many times than to be patient. But I'm proud of being happy (because it is), being successful when coming home in balance, I'm looking for a guy who can be trusted (and now I hear the laugh of a disbelieving woman) because it's unstable. This is the fifth week. We've tried many more, that I'm going to have sex with a child ... I can't tell yet. Of course I have my doubts, but I probably won't have any choices.