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The Modern Pedagogical Conference was successfully concluded

The Modern Pedagogical Conference was successfully concluded

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More than 200 lecturers, teachers, teachers and teachers attended the Modern Pedagogy Conference of Neteducatio Ltd. at the Larus Convention Center.

The Modern Pedagogical Conference was successfully concluded

"The goal of the event was to bring innovative tools, new ideas to the hands of our colleagues who are open to the needs of the 21st century. Generation Z with interest And the new one with labor market challenges they also want to stop, "he said Pbll Victoria, director of the Neteducatio.In the Modern Pedagogical Conference nationally and internationally recognized professionals lectures were held. Viktor Pбll performed a successful role as a 21st Century Educator and presented the latest development in Neteducatio, PLAN-T intelligent teaching assistant application, a unique administration and utility program for educators. With the help of the Electronic Teacher Philofax, you can manage all your teaching information in one place.I'm following this Tari Annambria psychoanalyst talked about the impact of the digital world on the world, and provided useful information for participants to make "offline" teachers better understood and closer to "online" children.Bakonyi Anna The most important idea of ​​a college college associate professor was that all the children came togetherthat is why differential treatment is of paramount importance - whether it is special education needs or children who are not different from the average, and then supported by practical examples and methods.Great Ildikou Mria An educator, a leading expert in education, introduced participants to the ICT-based, innovative kindergarten education process. The practitioner has developed a digital pedagogical methodology for preschools that includes the introduction of ICT tools and online applications, as well as facilitates more active professional activity, has a meaningful relationship with digital culture, .And in the school section, one of the successful authors of Neteducatio, Gergh the gunman Hungarian - Physical Education and Media Teacher who is dedicated to the ICT Ideas Book ICT tools are being used And he talked about how he built a digital museum with his students at the Fazekas Mihály Grammar School in Debrecen.M-learning - Opportunities, Challenges, and Roads Fehér Peter, the leader of the ICT MasterMinds Research Group. Idén Gundel Gabbor Takabs gave the prizes. Mudrinй Resku Szilvia winner of a nursery school in Kisvárda, who put love, help, and the affection of the most deprived, serving the interests of the youngest generation. While respecting the tradition, the work of a pedagogue is characterized by innovation, development, horizontal knowledge and representation of the interests of the educator. In the general school category, the most votes are Rome Бdбm was awarded a Physics-Informatics teacher who favors creative, innovative teaching. His students are fond of him, which is no wonder, as he breaks the city with his children at school events, turns him into a fairy-tale character, and calls upon his brother-in-law, family programs. She sees the integration of children with disabilities as her heart, takes them to cycling tours and organizes sensitive schooling.Great Laszlo From Szeged to Art Education, Motion Picture and Media Education, she is the winner of the high school category who can be proud of her studies, as she has participated in more than 100 competitions in past years, and has won over 10 competitions. placed in the public domain. In addition, he is a strong advocate for publicly cared for children as well as a mentor for children with special needs and special needs. Gabnai Katalin szнnmынrу, нtйltйk critic who indнtotta the magyarorszбgi drбmapedagуgus kйpzйst ъtjбra, the English drбmaformбkat adaptбlta йs tovбbbfejlesztette, Drбmajбtйkok cнmы kцnyve rйvйn and the mуdszert szйlesнtette rendszerrй, нgy цnбllу pedagуgiai irбnyzatkйnt also alkalmazhatу the kцzoktatбsban, mыvйszeti nevelйsben.A Neteducatio as missziуjбnak to minйl tцbb as an educator, you can keep up with the demands of the 21st century, even with family and work. With its easy-to-follow distance education and outstanding professional publications, this conference was intended to play a role in the pedagogical society.
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