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Ring your eyes!

Ring your eyes!

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From a distance, it looks healthy, but his eyes don't look that way. What's in the backyard? Dr. Geresbor Veres answers.

Ring your eyes!

My little boy is both half and full. Average body, well asleep, her birth is fine. What interests me: very fallen, a little circular eye. And this time, for the fourth time, be treated with antibiotics because there is always something catching on the top And inflammation. You are regularly taking Beres Drops and Children's Vitamins because unfortunately you consume little fruit. I asked the pediatrician for a lab, found a feverish anemia, raised iron, but I said there was nothing more to do with it. I am worried about his eyes because the situation has not changed. What do you suggest where to go? She was not born, and neither does she reassure me when I say that, possibly because of frostbite. No differences were found during the basic allergy test.
Fanna3Based on your letter, I am most concerned with celiac disease, which is one of the most prominent representatives of malabsorption. The body responds to a protein (gluten) found in cereals, which results in an allergic reaction, resulting in atrophy of the mucous membrane of the stomach and in the subsequent diarrhea of ​​the kidney. However, all symptoms rarely occur more recently. It is much more common for "just" abdominal, anemia or latent iron deficiency, growth disturbance, to occur. I had a patient whose circular eye was the only symptom. Flour laxity with a newly developed method is relatively simple, with the help of a blood.

Dr. Veres Gbor

If you recognize it, you can cure it well. Certain cereals should be omitted from the diet. If the test does not show a glutenous appearance then I do not investigate further, it is really only a matter of art.


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