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Age and fertility

Age and fertility

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It is a bad news that women's fertility capacity has dropped significantly since the mid-thirties.

Age and fertility

The first child born at a very young age may have "collapsed" by accident, and it will take months, maybe years, to wait for the next baby. Women give birth to a lifetime of ova (about 800,000 bloods per line), but the number significantly reducedfertilization also worsens, and the likelihood of hormone dysfunction increases with age. The number of ova begins to decrease in the 20s, but their number starts to decline after the age of 35. By the age of 35, she does not have a herniated crack in every cycle. Therefore, it is worth as soon as possible to clarify your concerns about fertility with the help of a physician. Contrary to popular belief, women are not just boredom men must also be prepared to have a child, especially as time goes by. Contrary to popular belief the man's fertility is also endless, especially fertility is reduced over the age of 40, as the number of healthy sperm decreases with age. Folic acid intake is not only important for women: chromosome aberration, as in those with normal or high levels. Biological fact that fertility not all of them are significantly reduced as time goes on, such as the marshmallows that I am a mother / father, so the age of 40 will not prevent you from getting pregnant. That is why it is necessary to pay great attention to preparation and capitalization.


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