Double bees give birth to twins

Double bees give birth to twins

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Very rare pregnancies were born to a British woman. Jennifer Ashwood is practically two-fold, the kids evolved inside and out. According to doctors, such a promise occurs once in a hundred million.

Double bees give birth to twinsThe children, a little boy and a little girl, by name Poppy йs Pirant week 34 of pregnancy was helped with cesarean section. It was called their mother it has a horn or heart shape, the fetuses developed completely outside, in their own fetal membranes and with placenta.
Pregnancy was the result of both getting an egg and both becoming fertile. It is conceivable that at the same time, but also a few days different.Mother 31 years old said: it is extremely rare for someone to have virtually two moles, but it is more likely that miracle.Jennifer Ashwood and her stepfather found out in December that they were pregnant with twins. Some of the abnormalities in the female were noticed in January, and then in February it was discovered that he had bovine lice, and the children developed independently in the two wings. Women who, congenitally, have such a job, can get pregnant without problems, but have a slightly higher risk of miscarriage, and generally carry only one child at a time. their eight-year-old baby, Millie. The women did not take the rare anomaly out of their pregnancy at that time. Since then, they are both in good health, and Jennifer Ashwood says that as well as growing up, she is starting to regret not being born with one but two little sisters.