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(S) Twinning XXXVI

(S) Twinning XXXVI

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Poetry Programming Ideas for Beans: Let's Go to Visegrád! Indian summer, train, hair, fly, need more excitement? (- But Dad! There was no replica!)

The rooms бllomбsrуl уrбnkйnt indulу trains - elцl ьl and the engineer (errхl also szemйlyesen meggyхzхdtьnk Zsomбval) hбtul however, nowhere is there a krumplifejы pancakes (this is ellenхriztьk) - szigorъan ъgy йrkeznek the Nagymaros Visegrбd бtkelйsi point that уrбnkйnt kцzlekedх ferry lбthassa the mйg йppen made the trip as soon as you landed on the waterfront.

She's composing with me here: a family composite

The only exception is at eight o'clock in the morning. Well! Womens summer here, Indian summer, at eight in the morning in October, the Danube Cudar can be cold. So: mother's pullover Chengin (a little ankle under, but pretty), father's garbuha Zomomn (looks like a little priest-laudetur Siutour), and father's trench coat is mother. Even the much-watched ship-borne staff, as well as the octagonal (this is not the direction, but the set of hymns), was rewarded with an engraved wind on a board, plastered with hymns.

- Dad, we have to fight!

- Now? Here, right in the middle of the Danube? Uh, son, try to hold me back, or I'll kick you out of the boat. Then: Hey fish, fish! What's your catch? So Node has an incredible rhythm in it, like: bird-making, sneaky lines from the money, and when it's just over 30 minutes, you can have a small close-up fight with Tarhonya Tarku Security! Dehonnem! At other times, the Opusztaszer labyrinth reminds me of the importance mentioned above, and as a result, we have to complete the shortest route to the exit at all the speeds of all the Hungarian conquests.
The bell with much more stylistic features - in places with a minimum of world-class security - is a necessity: the town center of Banská Štiavnica, Halszbbstya, Szentendre open air, Citadel. (Whether the departure and arrival sides of the Nagymaros-Visegrád railway station - both of which are! - fall into the error rate, or should I report to UNESCO, I do not know yet.)

Mostly blood

Three will take a possible pass to the Citadel. A nice, gentle rock on the spine. (Come on!) One of our muddy steeple towers, stylishly from Solomon's Tower. (During my pilgrimage, I was probably closest to the volleyball when I took the team here.) And on a bitterly long sunny day, on the tarmac, with no serpentine back. (And there, we suggested to Mom that you should watch well, because we were going down here for the last time.)
So the rest of the attractions were totally okay. Freshly caught hake on the Danube. (- Dad, did you ever tell me that it was a rubber day fish?) Breeder against the palace. (Jesus, there's a labyrinth here! - Soma, don't you have to go out before you go in?) On the way home sleeping on the train, sleeping in the car. Sweethearts, man!
Ja! And good luck, (s) Twin!