There is also a shortage of vitamin K

There is also a shortage of vitamin K

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There is a domestic deficiency in Konakion preparation, a synthetic form of Vitamin K and what all babies fed exclusively on breast milk should receive.

There is a shortage of inventions called Konakion. Konakion will be given to each newborn baby after birth in the ward, and should continue to be administered after returning home. However, it seems that there is a domestic shortage of supplies until the end of the year and it is not yet known what could be replaced.There is also a lack of supplies for an infant injection Konakion contains an active ingredient called phytomenadione, a synthetic form of vitamin K that plays an important role in blood coagulation. Your doctor will prescribe it and, especially for babies who are exclusively breastfed, it is important to administer it because vitamin K is hardly excreted in breast milk, so vitamin K deficiency can occur in the baby. Vitamin K deficiency can also lead to cerebral hemorrhage, gastrointestinal bleeding.
Poet GyцrgyThe president of the Home Pediatricians Association told 24.hu that the drugstores were not able to dispense Konakion due to a lack of supplies. substitute for sacrifice. As the child's doctors have not received official tбjйkoztatбst ьgyben, нrtak Pуta Gyцrgyйk letter to Orszбgos Gyуgyszerйszeti йs Йlelmezйs-egйszsйgьgyi Intйzetnek (OGYЙI) arrуl йrdeklхdve to official helyettesнtх kйszнtmйny hiбnyбban what is the problem protokoll.Az OGYЙI adatbбzisa gyбrtуi бll the hбttйrben, йs oktуber vйgйig it will not be enough preparation.