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My boyfriend gets a bit of sex

My boyfriend gets a bit of sex

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The sexologist responded to a reading letter.

"The birth of our child is now my son an example of a family, I'm good at motherly obstacles too, but sex hasn't stopped. Many times I wake up at night to see my boyfriend porn and explain that it would not burden me with your sexual needs. She looks so good to her, but she's very frustrating to me. What can we do? It was my greatest hope before birth that afterwards I wouldn't want to, even though I had done everything in my body. No problem with libido, but by the time the anesthetic comes back to the bedroom, he sleeps - or does ... "- writes J (lia (29) and advises Love life, communication works, nothing distracts from the relationship Once the baby is born, women focus on the little newborn, and the man has a hard time processing it. szexualitбs it often comes back only slowly, especially when women feel "cooked" for themselves.
Generally speaking, it is believed that sexual problems can be solved verbally by eloquence. Not possible. In the case of Jews, they do not know what, but in the swallow the matter is broken. Different types of queries in the queen's head: it is possible to live a sexual life, can it help the wife? Julia, it's your job to answer these unspoken questions indirectly! This will lightly attract the attention of your husband. Just a simple example: you press the button on your blouse instead of unbuttoning it, peeling off your skirt, pants, and gently folding the door when your boy sees it. A woman is able to handle non-legal games that are often non-existent, but they absolutely help to solve the problem!

My boyfriend gets a bit of sex

Try to approach your male: In the evening, when your baby is resting, ask your male to massage your foot, your back. The most important thing is that the physical contact can be displayed again so that you can tune into one another. If that succeeds, then you will go for positive action and slowly get your sexuality back! It would be good if you were to impress the baby a little and you could move out of the house, alone. When you can talk, watch a movie, go to the theater, meet friends, move out of your usual environment.
Nyilvбn your hubby is stuck in the dad role a little, it would be important for him to get out of it because a man's success (failure) is greatly influenced by his role as a male partner. It is difficult to find the balance, especially in the initial period, but as time passes, it develops and gets in place if we want to.
And lastly, remember that if a woman accepts, she will behave in a behavioral way that she can also love her. The concept of "good woman" does not mean that it has a perfect shape and body, but that it has a radiance that can influence a man.


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