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Catching: This is how you can help your baby

Catching: This is how you can help your baby

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Excitement, steady waking, night-shifts ... catching up with babies and parents can be a painful experience. How can we help our little ones wear these days?

Most importantly, every baby is different, and it may not be sure what one will do for the other. In fact, it may well be that what once worked well a few weeks ago will not be worth anything at all. Let's try our best, and feel free to go back to one of the methods we've rejected before.The babies will chew during the catching time It helps a lot of babies to chew on something or to cool the sensitive area a bit. You can use a special, cooled doll or soother, or you can give it a cold spoon, or a cold water clean towel, a cloth diaper. We can massage, rub the baby's lips (of course, don't be surprised if your fingers are scratched ...)!

Borostyбnlбnc? No, no!

According to experts, there is no evidence of the potency of the amber necklaces for their pain-relieving properties, but the chain can be extremely dangerous and can cause suffocation. If you decide you want to give this piece of jewelry to your baby, put it on your wrist, ankle, not neck, and if you are not there, take it off!

Cure for Toothache?

Unfortunately, drugs that can be rubbed into the teeth only have a short duration of action, and the baby's saliva (which is also generously produced) can easily "wash away" them. Petrol-free gels containing benzocaine should by no means be used, as they are rare but can cause serious side effects in children under the age of two. However, for pediatric pain relief, please consult your pediatrician for advice on medication (via) You may also be interested in:
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