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This is how you can avoid the "sick sickness"

This is how you can avoid the "sick sickness"

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There's nothing more romantic than having the wedding patrons get to spend the rest of their lives alone, and their new, middle-aged families are on their first vacation. Except if for a couple of sweet days, a week is a cure for infections.

This is how you can avoid the "sick sickness"Unfortunately, this is not uncommon, which is why he was given the title Nasutian Disease. Dr. Hartman Gbbor, Duna Medical Center Duna Medical Center Specialist tells you what to do to prevent spontaneous rest from acute cystitis. The surprise can come if the overnight days develop a superficial infection that can frustrate your entire trip.

Who's wrong?

It's not that one of the couple's members took some secret sickness with them, but that infections are more likely to occur during more than usual acts. The official name for nasopharyngeal disease is acute cystitis or acute cystitis. 40-50% of women meet the disease, and every fifth woman has acute cystitis once a year. Usually, the problem is caused by the bacterium in the vagina and eventually. The female urethra is located directly above the vagina, which makes infections more frequent and less severe due to its proximity. It is a fact that if the nudes are significantly more likely to have this disease, as couples have more sex.

What are your symptoms?

Symptoms of acute cystitis include frequent urine stimulation, painful urine, insecure abdominal pain, and occasional feverish state. In this case, it is important that we drink very many fluids so that we can stop the process at the beginning. If, on the other hand, we are frigid, it is unbearable to have pain, then we should definitely go to a vagina or urologist. In such cases, it is not worthwhile to try home practices, as they can make things worse. Hot baths, for example, can help to increase the number of bacteria, so it can be good for you, but it only provokes healing.

What can be done about it?

Urologists generally recommend that women immediately remove the bladder before and after sex, so they can go peeing. "There is no statistical data on how much this reduces the incidence of the disease, but we still believe that if a portion of the bacteria are out after the tip, you have less chance -" Hartman Gbbor.

Can you get ready?

The most important thing at this point is that the sleeve should have a good physico-chemical state. If a female member of the couple uses images that maintain a normal physico-chemical state of the vagina, then the incidence of the disease can be substantially reduced. However, it is advisable to consult with our minority before using any gift.
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