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That's how the Waldorf Salad is made

That's how the Waldorf Salad is made

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Not only because of the vitamin content and the fine natural greens, sometimes we eat a large salad instead of every other lunch, but also because it is easy to drink and high in dietary fiber.

I took a portion
15 deca celery, a few celery leaves, a slice of celery, 15 deca apple, 2.5 deca diú, 1.5 deci natural yogurt, a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of honey, a little lemon juice, a pinch of fresh pepper, olive oil, lettuce for feeding
Wash and then coat the celery tree and rinse its leaves thoroughly. Cut the celery from matchstick into thick strips or grate it on a large hole file. The apples are shelled after careful washing and then the fruit is peeled. Let's prepare the lemon in time, and as we have done with celery grater and apple crumble, sprinkle the raw material with the leaf immediately and rotate it in a small can. We cut the washed halter celery into small pieces. Let's dig a little bit. Mix the mustard, honey, olive oil, a pinch of cooked pepper and a pinch of ground pepper into the yogurt, then combine the whole and drizzle with celery over the apple. Filter the diet and the celery pieces, then rotate them thoroughly. Cut the celery leaf into thin strips and sprinkle it on top. We may put some lettuce leaves underneath for the sake of ornamentation, but be careful not to use external leaves.This is how the Waldorf salad is made!
It's wet in the winter
In fact, summer is the real time for salads, because then we can stare at fresh, aged weather. It is advisable to choose from raw materials that can be reasonably sure of herbicide free. Such are the red rape, celery, roast, onion. We always wash the apple very carefully. It also takes the lettuce and its vitamin content to real heights when oiled with seeds. Whitening gives the diet a better taste, but the power comes with some vitamins and would really be worth it! Head lettuce should be consumed only exceptionally due to its high nitrate content.
Why are you pregnant?
Di is a significant source of folic acid, B1, C and E. Celery is also ranked among the greens in many ways: it contains high levels of pantothenic acid, biotin and vitamin E. A daily dose of Vitamin C will certainly be consumed in a serving of Waldorf Salad. And it's a bit more adventurous in gastronomy than getting a baby capsule.
About the market
a smaller celery ball with green
two apples
5 deca diу (to stay on track)
a little lettuce
About the food industry
a packet of low-fat celery (we can leave it small for the salad if you can't get it)
extra virgin olive oil
two lemons
a small glass of natural yogurt
Before buying, let's see if there is pepper and sou at home!
Serving: 447 kcal
White: 22.2 grams
Carbohydrate: 33.05 grams
Bench: 34.35 grams You may also be interested in:
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