So strengthen your child's defensive system!

So strengthen your child's defensive system!

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Not only adults, but children's vitamin kits are dropping by the beginning of spring. That is why it does not matter if we strengthen it, we support natural defense.

So strengthen your child's defensive system!

THE nutrition, exercise and relaxation a triple rule can be said to be fundamental, and often not valid in our daily lives. And there are also infirm, poorly-sleeping children who we struggle to cope with, even with the best of intentions.
Today, we know that diets have a direct impact on our health. For example, in the past centuries, seafarers who have come a long way without fresh fruit and greens have been suffering from scurvy due to vitamin C deficiency. Similarly, anemia can develop in children who are undernourished.

Out in the open!

It's getting easier to move out in the spring, so give it a try more time spent outdoors. Walk to the kindergarten, the grocery store, your grandmother. Everyday sports and exercise are of primary importance and have a healthy effect on their own. If it's not too cold, the little ones can sleep in an open window, but rather a good blanket request.
Remember that you can do a lot for your baby's health, but it requires more attention and perhaps more work. But it is worth it, not only because it helps you to overcome such common diseases in the community, but also because every member of the family gains by laying down the healthy lifestyle alapkцveit.

The role of vitamins

Vitamins are essential for life and play an important role in metabolic processes, in immune defense, is enzymes in function and in the blood too. Vitamins cannot be maintained by the body, so you have to take in your diet when you eat - if you overdo it, it is also a guarantee that you will not develop a vitamin deficient state. However, in the case of illnesses and infections, it may be necessary to supplement the vitamin, and it should be considered that certain drugs may influence their utilization.
The role of vitamin D is very important. This vitamin is needed throughout the year as it is stored in the body for only six weeks. Unfortunately, the level gained in the summer sunny lows is very low, so you need to take care of it. THE Vitamin D for bone development it also contributes to the development of the immune system. THE Vitamin C essential for the 1-3 year-olds' blood count, the immune system, and the development, regeneration of tissues, followed by brain development.
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