Where did I put the…?

Where did I put the…?

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Can't find your key? And in which of your cups did you put the recipe for popcorn? What's the name of the New Guardian? The family may have already forgotten your forgetfulness. You're not alone! Could your life be more upset than ever?

The increasing frequency of forgetfulness is the result of a troubled, modern lifestyle and information overload caused by it - quoted Scottish researchers as finding the BBC's report.
The researchers are "busy lifestyle syndrome" was given the name of a group of symptoms in which forgetfulness does not reach the level of dementia, but it can cause more minor disturbances in everyday life. For example, when you regularly forget where you left your key, where you left your glass, or your acquaintance's name doesn't pop up. According to experts, , television, radio, and the internet. Alan Wade, a researcher who designed the study said, because of information overload, obsession with getting older is on the rise.
For their study, CPS Research is looking for people in their 50s and 80s across Scotland who have experienced signs of forgetfulness themselves. Participants in the study will complete a series of memory tests, and the volunteers will use a low dose of memantine, a drug used in Alzheimer's disease.

Are you stained? Can't find anything?

Baby Room

We do not recommend medication, but you should definitely prioritize your tasks and leave those that are not important, and seek help if you are distracted by your life. As the situation improves, and by the time the child grows up, the name of the child is finally remembered.
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