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Important life lessons you can learn from a two-wheeler

Important life lessons you can learn from a two-wheeler

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You wouldn't think so, but a two-year-old kid can be the best teacher at times. Here are 5 life lessons you can learn from a toddler.

Important Lessons You Can Teach a Two-Worder (Fotу: iStock)What can such a small child teach you? For example:

It's okay to say no

The author of the article recalled that before she became a mother, she always helped everything because she wanted to meet everyone. But when she became a mom, she realized that she had missed it so far. You can thank a really confident two-year-old who very often says no - sometimes too often - how much power this short hair has. So when you ask for anything, what he does not do is simply say no.

Always ask what you want

A small child awakens the world all day with his demands and never asks for forgiveness. Mom comes to the point that people realize that they can't do everything alone, and they can't do everything perfectly. But you can't expect another person - like your boyfriend - to read and offer help in things you don't even ask for. In general, you are not asking for help - so ask what you really want.

All right if you make a mistake

Everyone makes mistakes, and the best thing you can teach your kid is not to be afraid of failure, but to get up on the floor and try it again if something goes wrong. When a man is at home with a two-year-old and sees how unkind the child is, he is easily forgiven for not knowing everything by himself, not at first. And it's not a problem if something goes wrong, or even thirty times. And this is true not only for the twin, but also for the mother.

Love and forgiveness are wholehearted

Nothing is clearer than the love of a young child. Anything that annoys you when you look at it with big, sweet eyes, full of remorse, and love, you just can't be angry. Every time you feel like it is a failure, try to look at yourself with that love and forgiveness.

Bless the moments

Without 3 months of sleep, 8 months of separation anxiety, and the countless, "I just let this mother down" moment. Nice old times. Do two-year-olds keep believing and are they always upset? Now is the time. At age 13, he wants to keep him from being disturbed, and at age 17, he's going to be too cool to give him a kiss before anyone else. They are all part of the big story, and once in a while they become memories. Exactly, rewrite what is now, and kill the moments as they are.(VIA)Related links: