Addition: What should we not do?

Addition: What should we not do?

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Don't force, hurry, or ignore - In our next series of articles about baby nutrition, we'll cover a few things that should be avoided in the food section.

In our parenting series, babies' diets are a matter of deciding which foods to use when and when to add to your baby's routine, we give you good tips on how to make them, and of course, experienced moms. In the previous sections of our article, we've discussed how to get ready for the feeding season, and how simple but useful rules are to follow for mom and baby Stand and not cake this period.Before we start to list in what month we can give our little ones, let's just do a little about what we shouldn't do during the feeding period. and feedback do not force anything. If your baby refuses to eat food, don't stick to the "official schedule". Let's eat the food that didn't win our kid. We can try to take it again later. Even if your baby just tastes, we shouldn't be bothered. Don't be impatient, things will turn over time. In this case, it is worth eating with the little one. Over time, you will be wondering what we eat, and if you do not feel the pressure, you will want to share in the delicacies. This is not a period of quantum thinking. Let's start with one cannula, then gradually increase the dose. During the diet, these meals are not substitutes for breast milk in the small diet, as for the time being they are only supplemental elements of the diet. It is also important to ensure that the baby does not live well with breastfeeding, as breastfeeding plays an important role during this time period. THE for natural flavors habituate them, do not sweeten them, do not spice up food, and do not give them foods that contain sweeteners, additives, colorings. Even at a few months old, it is not suitable for eating anything other than breast milk. It is also important to pay attention to the baby's rabbit, since re-eating the food in the diaper is an important indication that the baby is not "ready" for the meal. It should also be borne in mind - and not be afraid - that the color of your baby's nutrition will change as well. It is definitely worth talking to a specialist before introducing affected meals. Although the nutrition chart is not complete and your child may deviate from the schedule, it is important to keep all related tips in mind. For example, do not give eggs to a baby before 12 months (milk can be given 11 months), do not try milk before 1 year (less time is allowed, or if she is allergic to less than 3 years) ) And before the age of 12 months, honey is also a must. Dairy products (yoghurt, barley) can come in and out of 8 months, but diets should not be added to your diet before the age of one, but peanuts until the most recent time, allergies in small quantities, but introduced early.
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