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Is your baby really gonna be huge with your pregnant vitamins?

Is your baby really gonna be huge with your pregnant vitamins?

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There is a great deal of public awareness about the various drugs that are supported. One of the most widespread "side effects" of pregnancy vitamins is, according to many people, that excess nutrients really do produce huge babies.

Is your baby really gonna be huge with your pregnant vitamins?

What this belief is is true, arrуl dr. Angel Giza baby - naughty spoke to

Need Extra Nutrition?

Basically man, like all girls on Earth, was created for reproduction. This means that the women's body is able to carry out a new life without any external intervention. Unfortunately, the world changes, and so do the demands. The development of pregnancy and the smooth delivery of a pregnancy largely depend on how well the body is prepared, ie how well the nutrients are supplied. Low levels of iron in the body can lead to anemia, low levels of zinc, copper, and immune problems, if you do not have enough yoga in the body, it will affect the thyroid gland and the whole endocrine system. Proper nutrition is the key to perfect body function.To build a healthy body, you need to have an even balance, while the fetus also needs extra energy from the body. Basically A deal should be secured, but this is very difficult today. Foods contain a lot of substances that the body does not need, in fact, many that do no good to it. The vitamins, minerals and trace elements of vegetables and fruits are constantly decreasing, thanks to the large-scale production, fertilization, continuous breeding, and the development of agriculture. So it was still relatively difficult for our grandmothers to cover the extra needs of food in the old days, and nowadays it is very difficult.

If you have a lot of nutrients, do you get huge babies?

Dr. Angela Giza emphasized that nutrition plays a huge role in the baby's healthy development, but It does not in any way result in beans! The reason for the birth of a 4-5 or up to 6 kg baby is a at most genetic. Examining the family background of such huge babies usually reveals that grandfather, grandmother is not an average weight, or baby over the length, so the case is easy to explain. Even if the genetic background did not justify the huge baby, increased nutrient intake would not do the same. In the case of importing too much of a substance, there are two things to count. It is easier - for example, in the case of water-soluble vitamins - to simply pick out the excess and dispense it. In the heavier version, overdose can cause symptoms - such as in the case of high fat vitamins - but this can be taken relatively easily and can be remedied with the help of the right specialist. In addition, in addition to nutrient intake, at most, the mother causes obesity, since the fetus nutrient-functional state can optimize the vitamin.For the reasons mentioned above, However, they also emphasize that importance of absorptionand the complexity of the formulation must be pronounced. Accordingly, it is worth taking a drug that contains all or at least a significant amount of the required substances and contains these substances in an organic bond!


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