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The baby is a whole world of toys, so play with it!

The baby is a whole world of toys, so play with it!

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Let's just say that parenting is an activity full of emotions. The presence of feelings is especially important in the game, because we also play with the play, the mental and emotional development of the game, often without knowing it.

Because the child develops very quickly in the early years of his or her life, so-called foundation years have a significant significance. During this period, almost everything in the game is played. Because every time we playfully deal with babies, rhymes, sayings, constant smiles, we put on everything we do with it, so that we can put a tiny smile on your face. Breastfeeding, diapering, bathing are all these moments. At this point, the mother doesn't really realize she's actually playing.

Fancy pavements

Until the child can come, he or she will not be alone, he or she must be under close supervision. One of the most important things to do during the pushchair is to stay in the air as much as possible. It's safe to say that the teens are playing, because all activities are played: motion, vision, sensation, tact, discovery are all playful sources of knowledge for him. vilбgban. For example, we can equip him with a mini playground on a haystack on the lawn or just over the pavement in the park, between the cubs when a cat bug bouncing around on a tree.Let's show him the small signs of nature, its elements, call attention to ants, birds, anything that can bring newness to the little one. If you notice a dog in the vicinity, direct your cat's attention to the child's voice.

Corns and wooden spoons

A well-informed child is already sensing an increased need for movement, so we have to leave the apartment, in the garden, to sit and walk. Then you can play it with some kind of toothpick or just give it a go and let it loudly tell you where we are, hiding it. In this case, we can put it in our bed right away, hide under the blanket, hide it under the pillows, and then "get stuck" and so on.

The quilt is a perfect toy

Let's face it, at this age kids can't play with each other, we have to replace our peers. Don't become tired, irritable, impatient.At the age of one, the child's interest begins to become physical: he strives to enter larger areas in the home, in the garden, on the playground. He contacts many objects that are new to him, utility tools, turns them all around, as if he wanted to play with the wooden spoon, the shoes, the mummy's stuff, and so on. so you probably have everything to play for. Do not let your child know if you have a wooden spoon in your hand, for example, unless you try to put the tongue in your mouth. Inkбbb let's get into the games, Drumroll the kanбllal then use pбlcakйnt conductor, kйpzeljьnk into a akбr kнgyуt, йs bring him jбtйkos position gyermekьnket йs magunkat.A kйt children under йv feltыnхen йs йrthetхen kцtхdnek szьleikhez the kцrnyezetьkben йlх felnхttekhez, igйnylik to beszйljenek hozzбjuk, vegyйk цlbe хket, play with us. Being older than two, he watches the world around him, his events, his objects, and even learns how and what the other kid plays on the playground. Interestingly, even in this age you'd rather play with your parentsbecause he sees his contemporaries as a game rather than a gambling boy.

Bottle rafting and water park

Бltalбban from the age of three they are characterized by group and group games. Despite this, they insist on their own games and do not like to give them away. In this case, let's not be too forced to give your game to the community, because it will get dirty. And if we see kids playing together, it's not a fortunate thing to get involved in their little enchanted playground world. At this age, so-called water games are important and important. There are parents who bathe with their children, so the well-chosen water games can create a pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom, and the evening bathing ceremony can be a fun time in the water park. But there is also a soap dish or shampoo bottle to play with in your hand. When playing, remember to always think of a situation in which your child and us play a role.


It is very important that the evening tale is also said to be a role play: create situations, move when needed, throw in all the tools of the sign language, be it face tags, pantomime, voice training. All. Yes! The "sold out" tale is always more powerful, livelier, and more mind-boggling than reading a bored tale in a monotonous way. What's more: Involve your child's favorite doll, stuffed animal in the evening's tale. But he will. An incredibly strong emotional connection is one of those occasions, which is also a dope for us when we see our child's glittering eyes, the joy he feels. He will wait for bed because he knows that he is looking for a special condition. You don't have to be commanded: you go out there yourself and wait for the story to be told as if it were in a viewing room. Because they are happy to play with it, they can play with it.
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