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Peter Pan, the unhappy child

Peter Pan, the unhappy child

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Why can't my father grow up? Why is my child unable to start a viable life? What could be the reason for this?

Peter Pan Syndrome

Peter Pan, or author of the sad child, Kathleen Kelley-Lainй Hungarian origin. He had to leave his home country in 1948, completed his studies in Canada, and since 1977 he lives and works in Paris. His book is a scholarly dissemination of the highest standards, and an exploration of the intellectual and spiritual content of a well-known tale, as well as an honest and profound analysis of it. In 1992, after its first appearance, the Essay Toplist came to life in France. The book was re-published in 2011 by Oriold and Tárrsai Publishing in Hungarian.The book Peter Pan (Pn Peter) in its symbolic form, it presents the soul of those who are incapable of growing up. Instead of the currency, they they live in a conceited Never in the world, where their actions have no consequences. Just think Michael Jacksonwho just christened his estate to Neverland (or Never) or Peter Pan for a number of film productions (from Walt Disney to Spielberg and beyond). What does this story tell many of us about its success? This is what the book deals with.

His life is black and white

THE inability to grow up in a currency he was also named in psychology, and was unexpectedly baptized into Peter Pan's syndrome. Nowadays, more and more people are confronted with the fact that children do not want to escape family life, find it difficult to start a life of living, or are just trying to match a "big kid", which causes many conflicts in their relationship. What could be wrong? The author is a psychologist, such as the mysteries of souls, who approach the request. In childhood, the baby and his mother form a symbiotic unit. This one is a endless service because the life of an infant seems to depend on her mother. The world is then in duality: to eat or not to eat, to die or die, to fear or to cry, and so on. Later, the toddler learns that the world does not only consist of this duality, nor does it only have two broad senses.A variety of opposite senses, protection against ambivalence his device is the subconscious, as the author describes it, as a box into which some unwanted sensors are hidden. On the other hand, the contents of the box have a huge impact on our lives, our sense of engagement, even if we are not clear about it. A child who is incapacitated for growth cannot open this box and reveal its contents. Trembling in the duality of early childhood.Our understanding of our senses, our sense of responsibility and actions, the common acceptance of the truths of the life and the side of the child - these are the very key moments that adulthood is. J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan also introduces the tragic life story of the fictional figure to Peter Pan. Anyone who is not only dysfunctional in psychology, but also in personal life history, can readily compile Kathleen Kelley-Lainé Peter Pan, or the sad book of childhood.Related Articles:
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