The left-handers are better at this

The left-handers are better at this

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First, we identified the genetic instructions of left-handedness, which significantly influence the structure and function of certain areas of the brain - the BBC wrote.

According to Oxford researchers, speech-related areas were primarily affected, and leftists may have better language skills, but the relationship between brain development and the dominant hand remains mysterious.The left-handers are better at this Most of the fire is a man left-handed. Previous studies have proven to be able to play a role in heredity, but details have not been revealed. Researchers based on the United according to a study published in a magazine so they found an area of ​​DNA that influenced left-handedness. The mutations were in the intracellular orders of the so-called cytoskeleton, a complex grid of white blood cells. Similar mutations have been detected in the pulleys that carry a left-spiral spiral casing on their backs. The cytoskeleton changes the structure of the brain's whiteness. for left-handed people, the risk of schizophrenia is slightly higher, but for Parkinson's, it is slightly lower.
According to the knowledge, you believe that in the left and right, 25 percent of the guns play a role75 percent environmental effects, that is to say, everything else. The study found only one percent of the genetic components in the British population, so there is a need for full study.
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