Oh my waist!

Oh my waist!

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The more curled your tummy is, the more pain you will feel in your body here and there, especially on the waist and shoulders. How does your state of mind influence your posture?

Oh my waist!

You must have heard of such blatant cases when your mother's narrow and widespread familiarity with childbirth did not even occur to her baby. You don't have to be too heavy to do this! It is amazing that the fact that you want to hide your pregnancy is also an unintentional result of a posture that you can barely fall into, if you want to hide your belly, lighten up and lower slightly, just the way we recommended it to be in the right posture. So you can afford this little trick even if you just want to avoid the backache!

When tension struck

If you are nervous or tired, tired, or simply trying to clench your teeth with tense muscles to get ready in time, this will happen: If you feel like this, it can be typical of you, look at yourself several times throughout the day: go all the way from your tip of your toes to your neck muscles and loosen it just about everything, especially with regard to the muscles of the pelvic floor and shoulders. Once you have resolved the tension, make steps to adjust your posture in a row.

Let me show you to everyone!

It is more common for little babies to radiate from their pride and to be happy to reverse: in the strictest sense, they push their tummy forward, but the vertebrae that occur in the spine sooner or later cause a tender bone. If you feel like this is the problem, complete this exercise as many times a day as possible. It can be especially useful if you have a job or need a lot of work in one place.1. Get in a small bump, raise your arms, and nyъjtуzkodj one good. Afterward, heartbeat your lungs as you raise your arms. Repeat at least four times! The effect is perfect if you do all of this in the fresh air.
2. Slightly bend your mouth, tighten your stomach muscles a lot, while you carry your sender over your spine.
3. Cross your words elхre-hбtra!
4. Stand tight against the wall or lean on your back and make sure your whole back, especially with your waist and shoulders, odaszorнtsd.
5. Now do the same thing, but Sitting and with open legs, with your feet back on! Relax and then strain your muscles several times in succession. Notice how sensory you are, what muscles you are touching! Keep these in mind during the day, not just during short gymnastics, but you can do these exercises even if your doctor has suggested bed rest. Total passivity is definitely not good!
Whenever you can, wake up and strain your abdominal muscles in between and in the process (retract your stomach, lower your shoulders, strain your muscles)!Plus a tip
Due to the different mechanical effects on the back and the pool, some nursing mothers take a real weight off the back of the baby. The implanted stiffeners support and position the spinal column. Resistance to the tissue, along with the abdominal strap that adapts to the pregnant woman's morphology, provides support that adapts to your body day by day during pregnancy.More articles on waistcoat:
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