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It is useful for the child to ask the same story every day

It is useful for the child to ask the same story every day

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Do you always ask the same story again and again? It is known that this is not a problem, in fact, it will be smarter. It may sound strange, but it is the basis for your study success.

No matter if you always want the same story for your child, you can read your favorite tale for centuries, but now science has found a strong motivation for monotonous activity.

Pumpkin and glassware are the keys

When you read a fairy tale to a child many times, he or she is keener on the prank than always reading a new tale. Multiple occasions give you the opportunity to hear new words in the glass environment again, making the process of cognitive understanding and understanding more effective. Ignoring the previous reading - by the child - text snippets, words that may help in "getting started" may come to the fore. New elements are placed in the head, the story is colored, and the image slowly acquires its full, complex form. they read and read many times the same story. How does one come from the other? The answer is glass-wool and rainbow. Often, a child reads a fairy tale an effective strategy for interpreting text as well as to make a big jump, this will make it easier for him to make new textiles with new glassmaking. And this is the basis of the answer tests to be successful, and, in general, losing track of educational success.

Optimize Your Evening Fairytale Reading Routine - Ask!

If you are referring to a word or expression that you think your child does not know, stop reading and ask - for example, "What do you mean by that?" The inquiries stimulate the child to think, justify, explain, and it also improves speech.

Words that are far from the real life can come

Read her some text that includes words that are in her everyday life, he does not know him in his own environment. For example, if you live in a city, be sure to read tales or educational children's books that include houses, livestock. Even if you live locally without public transport, it is worth reading tales that include bus, subway, tram, trolley.

Illustrations also help

You can tear up a tale and make it more effective by using illustrations you stop reading a little and ask. It is worth asking a question that requires the child to use the new words he or she learned from the tale in order to answer. That is why the given word and sentence formation practice is more important. What makes it all the more rewarding is that the time of reading a fairy tale is one of the most wonderful moments of the day. When it comes to bringing your child to you and being immersed in the tale world, it gives them a huge emotional plus. And this intimate unity is about more than anything.


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