The teacher solved the problem: he gave a certificate to the dentist

The teacher solved the problem: he gave a certificate to the dentist

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A "official" certificate was issued by a teacher to the dentist when his little teacher lost the missing tooth at school.

Laura Roth, a teacher at Burchfield Primary School in Pennsylvania, confirmed in a letter to the dentist that he was Lilyhis teeth fell out. The baby arrived sadly for one of the urns because he had accidentally lost his missing tooth and was worried that the dentist would "not know this" because there was nothing he could do under his pillow.The tooth lost, the teacher solved The teacher wrote in the letter that "it can be stated with certainty that Lily lost her tooth, but was thrown out in great excitement," and "if the dentist had any request, she would have it any time."Dr. Bryan E. O? Black, one of the school community leaders shared the letter on Twitter in recognition of Roth's work and dedication.

Today one of our children @BurchfieldSASD lost their tooth during lunch and it tragically got misplaced! Knowing how important this was, one of our caring teachers took the opportunity to author a letter to our friend the Tooth Fairy! ???? Check out the work of this caring teacher! pic.twitter.com/KUtJGS8AID

? ??. ????? . ??????? (@oblackb) June 4, 2019.
"It's really funny how much attention this thing has received, because all the teachers know that things like this happen every day," Roth said in an interview. "I have repeatedly written messages to the dentist, the board, the important Easter bunny ... it is us too. "(via)You may also be interested in:
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