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3 good tips for a more peaceful night

3 good tips for a more peaceful night

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Everyone wants a good night's sleep. When you have a baby in the house, it often remains a dream, because little ones have sleep and sleep patterns just like adults. But there is something that helps! Choose the method for you!

Calm sleep

1. Sleep with the baby!

If you are pregnant, you do not have to worry about overnight breastfeeding. Just feed it and everyone will sleep.Who is it for?
Those who are breastfeeding and can comfortably settle down for nighttime feeding can choose to sleep together. If the bed is the right size, if the baby is not asleep at night, if you are both happy to welcome the baby in the family bed, everyone is fine.Who won't come in?
There are babies who travel around the clock, turn around, simply can't sleep on a mattress. Sometimes the little one sleeps so superficially that the parents wake up to each of their movements, making the situation worse than sleeping indoors. If the baby's bed is too small or the mattress collapses, if one of the parents is sleeping, drinking alcohol before going to bed, or smoking, co-sleeping can be dangerous.

2. Sleep in a "side car" or baby cot attached to your bed.

Solve the night like a smart girl: not at all! This almost sleep together is reassuring, safe, acceptable to many. The baby is not asleep on the surface as you are at your fingertips: you can caress, you can breastfeed without being uptight.Who is it for?
First and foremost, you need to know ...Who won't come in?
There are some couples who manage the bedroom in their own area and do not want to let the little intruder down. In this case, the only time the baby sleeps in another room. But before choosing this solution, it is worth considering how much they can gain by temporarily giving up their principles and accepting that their babies enjoy the physical and mental health and safety of their babies.

3. Save the night from the living room!

Just feed her at night and sleep on. There is no need to measure, change diapers (at least if the baby clothes are changed), do not have to pay (only if it is attracted to the eye). You don't have to turn on the light, make a noise, and do something that might be interesting to your baby.Who is it for?
For anyone whose baby is healthy for a long time.Who won't come in?
If you need to pay close attention to what you eat due to illness or premature birth, unfortunately you can't miss the night meal. If your milk reflex is very strong, your baby may breathe air during the night's quiet breastfeeding, so you won't miss the payer. If you've fallen into long-term hospital care, you may be accustomed to noise at night. For her, silence can be uneasy, unusual.You may also be interested in these articles:
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