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White Noise Machine: Is It Safe for Infants?

White Noise Machine: Is It Safe for Infants?

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According to a new study, let's be careful with these tools.

In many baby shops you can buy so-called white noise machines that help the baby to rock. These devices are very popular, and there are several applications for smartphones. However, according to a Toronto study, it is better to be cautious about these, as they can cause hearing loss in infants. In the course of the measurement, the tools are placed directly next to the baby, once close to the baby, and once at the other end of the room.Three of the machines tested exceeded 85 decibels when they were directly next to the baby. It is as loud as a hairdryer or a blender, and through 8 ounces such loud noises can cause hearing loss in adults as well. And if it is already harmful to adults, imagine what problems infants can cause. The head of the study said that since it had not been tested, how many decibels is healthy and how much it causes hearing loss. "If adults cause 85 decibels, then how much can babies be safe, 60? Maybe, but not all overnight," says Blake Papsin, who also says that corresponds to a normal conversation. However, the machines tested were all over 50 decibels near the baby. Or, if you have a baby, you might want to turn them off at night, but turn them off when your child is asleep.