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We also have a lot to say about the condition of our thyroid gland

We also have a lot to say about the condition of our thyroid gland

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It can occur in all ages, but thyroid diseases are particularly common in women over 40 years of age. For the skilled practitioner, external signs also aid in diagnosis.

We also have a lot to say about the condition of our thyroid glandArrуl exactly what these are, Prof. Csaba Balбzs Endocrinologist, Endocrine Center Physician, spoke at a presentation at Prima Medica Professional Day.

Our handshake also says a lot

Depending on whether this tiny one is under or overactive, but many organs of the body are highly influenced by the skin, our symptoms may be different. A patient suffering from thyroid dysfunction may have, in addition to his nervous, irritated, glowing eyes, a warm, damp palm. Sweaty, you bear the heat badly. In the course of his talk, his narrative also usually reinforces good signs: sleep, increased weight loss, increased physical activity, diarrhea. In the case of acne, also cardiac arrhythmias, dry mouth, dysphagia, menstrual disorders in women, abortion.

Bulky facial features

Swollen face and eyes, especially in the lower extremity, are rare signs of underactive thyroid gland. Thin hair crowns, thinning hairs, dry skin, goiter-thickened neck, loud noises and the appearance of longitudinal horns on the gum also suggest this. In addition, if the patient complains of fatigue, forgetfulness, sleepiness, weight loss, distress, depressive symptoms, he further confirms this suggestion. It is also common for patients with dysfunction to seek medical attention because of frequent nocturnal muscle spasms and coldness (cold intolerance) and infertility.

Thyroid dysfunction symptoms in frequency order

Professor Balzs gave a lecture on a list that, in his experience, indicates the occurrence of symptoms of thyroid dysfunction, in order of their frequency. According to this, the disease starts in most cases with fatigue and weakness. Following are the following symptoms, in order of frequency:
- Leather, dry skin
puffy face and limbs
- slow heart rate
- Cold limbs, cold cold
- hair loss
- Concentration distress, ruined memoir
- constipation
- Growing up under the skin of a bad thing.

A trap for TSH

Based on the above, it can be seen that external signs are already much affected by thyroid dysfunction, but more diagnostic examination is required. In addition to physical examination, palpation of the thyroid gland, ultrasound also provides important information, but the best known method is to test TSH levels. Unfortunately, many believe this data whether it is due to thyroid disease or not. However, besides the TSH values, other laboratory findings - fT4 and anti-TPO - are also important, and the TSH evaluation must always be personalized. The quantity is influenced by several factors, Professor Balázs emphasized in his lecture that such is the case with age. "Even at age 40, for example, TSH values ​​of 8 are considered high, and by age 60, they fall within the normal range. The patient should be treated individually for all symptoms and examination results."Related articles in Thyroid Disease:
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