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Let's learn to lose weight! 11th tomorrow

Let's learn to lose weight! 11th tomorrow

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Merci's Log Month 11 - Shows an increasingly friendly face. It looks like Merci got another boost. So it came out in a month, that's something!

Minus 19 kilos
About 2 htff
Some of my countertrackers think it is easy for me because they do everything on the box, and I have nothing to do but go out of my way.
They are exceptionally right now, suddenly I could not decide which colleague to turn to for my in-house examination.
Fortunately, the Medical University, where I work, is full of outstanding professionals. So I went to see some friends with Prof. Dr. Sríter Lídia, Semmelweis University II. Specialist in the Department of Internal Medicine. Unknown was also very nice, after our telephone consultation this morning on an empty stomach (which in my case is not an unusual condition) I went to the Clinic for a lab test. After my obligatory administration, I narrowed down to a tiny local hawkish hospital that took advantage of my many years of experience and virtual sanity in Many. I was filled, though I wouldn't have dared to do this while I was watching the stuffy stuff from around the corner of my eyes.
With less than nine bibs of blood (could it be a few decades of deca ???) and hopeful blood count for the days to come next Monday.
About 9 htfх
Today I spent my life at the outpatient clinic of the Belklinika, which, though guided by some sick idea, was spent in an ambulance. The professor was examining me, so I had to wait for it, and I had the idea of ​​how much I like to be on the other side of health. In the uplifting mood of Duluth's sleep, Nanda entertained her spontaneous confusion and then began to work for herself. Fortunately, the doctor arrived soon.
I was looking forward to the idea with a glint of hope, hoping that there would be some organic failure in the system, explaining the slow-to-scale failure. Tйvedtem. My findings are absolutely perfect, and not only am I not sick with my hormonal system, but I have produced healthy sample data. You may not be surprised at the Reader for not being surprised at all by this news. That is to say. I just didn't count that.
The story has no end here yet. Domestic medicine is not just a lab test, and it is a multiple test, where countless conclusions can be drawn.
In a nutshell, it turned out that my metabolism is extremely slow, and my body is able to keep up with the 6-800 calorie diet, and succeed in losing weight.
The Life: Metabolism, diet and much more.
May 11 Wednesday
I was in the gym about half past eight, but of course I couldn't get Laci ahead. He hadn't jumped to the ceiling of the results of the medical examination, which he, who is not a medical doctor, wanted to convince much more. But he never stops encouraging, and he constantly floats the chance of success before my eyes. Over the course of a year, I have met with a number of experts over the years who have analyzed and assisted in the process in their own way, but only Laci has been truly enthusiastic about me. He does not ask for the impossible, he is often strictly vocal, but he always pushed me. I think this is the good trainer and I want all women and men to go find their own Laci (of course it is easiest to look at MOM Wellness because you can find it there)!
About 16 htff
Nowadays, I only balance once a week - as I've said before - because it's less likely to be shocking and more exciting.
I have to realize that the medication I received seemed to be very effective in accelerating my metabolism, as I spent the last week, with the smallest of exceptions, in the most comfortable place for a person with a disability.
The result, however, was happiness itself, as I weighed 3 kilos in a week, and even though I strictly follow the diet, one of my biggest activities is to try five times a day. I still count calories and eat organic food more and more times. I am also starting to change my family's eating habits, since my father can still be considered a true master's culinary practice in the past few days.
May 18 Wednesday
Today, like every Wednesday, I was doing gymnastics. Stereotype, vision, victory, but some incredible.
Unfortunately, due to gravity, soot, central European humidity and what I know, my left gut is very messy, with little fluid, clicks, and buns. As a result, the use of the stepping machine in the gym is now being eliminated, instead of two different types of exercise bike cycling myself for a total of forty minutes.
May 23 htff
Again, the balance is showing less. It's so cool! Even with just one kilo, still! Perhaps now an irreversible process has really begun, a change that I have been looking for months and hours and struggles and hope for.
Every little girl like me would never give up! There is always a new power giving solution. Without help, it is difficult and almost impossible to succeed. But there are friends, chickens, or kids who exhale, exhilarate in the worst of times.
And on Saturday I go to the gym. It's a big spring gymnast. Because it's settled for me. Me and my everyday heroes like me!


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