The most exciting results of medicine in 2011

The most exciting results of medicine in 2011

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There were surprising results in 2011. No cheating, no cheating, we've found the source for each one, click on it and read more!

1. Researchers create stem cells by cloning.
2. Protecting the World against First Malaria.
3. Preventive treatment of HIV: Truvada reduces the risk of HIV infection.
4. Modification of the American food pyramid (dietary recommendations).
5. Creating body parts (bladder) in the laboratory.
6. Exploring the relationship between bacteria and colon cancer: Fusobacteria increase the risk of colon cancer.
7. You have the miracle of losing weight!
8. The dog smells the lungs.
9. Measurement of epigenetic changes in the salivary gland can estimate the age of the corpse.
10. Higher levels of cathepsin S white increase the risk of heart disease or cancer.


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