Dieting during pregnancy does not prevent allergies in the child

Dieting during pregnancy does not prevent allergies in the child

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For prevention, it is not worthwhile to exclude common allergies - milk, eggs, gluten, peanuts - from the diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as this will not reduce the risk of allergies your child may have.

Dieting during pregnancy does not prevent allergies in the childDr. Polgбr Marianne pediatrician, gastroenterologist, head physician of the Buda Allergy Center, said that it was only necessary to diet if the child had allergic symptoms.

Cognitive predisposition cannot be influenced by diet

Allergic tendency to catch, in families where one is allergic, 40% where both are allergic, 60-80% are likely to have the disease in some form. However, the child cares only for the propensity to become predisposed to disease, for many factors to function.If the mother is allergic to herself, and therefore unable to consume milk, eggs, gluten, or anything else, there is no evidence that this can harm the child and prevent oral tolerance - explains dr. Polgár Marianne. However, studies have shown that maternal diet does not benefit the baby in preventing allergies. The appearance of allergic symptoms in the baby is or no stranger white particles due to the mother's diet.According to the current suggestion, she may be pregnant during the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding. no diet is justified. If the mother has not been touched by any allergies or hypersensitivity, then the only preventive purpose is to prevent allergies from occurring in the child.

Diet should be used if children have allergic symptoms

The mother may have to introduce unnecessary dietary restrictions until minor allergic symptoms occur. Whites who pass through breast milk can also cause symptoms during breastfeeding, but later, during breastfeeding, they may also develop abdominal, abdominal, or narrowed stomachs due to the tasting of new ingredients. These symptoms may also indicate an allergy, in which case you should seek medical attention. During breastfeeding, in such cases, the mother should avoid the symptoms of the excreted material. Changing the diet of an infant baby, and more dieting, if you do not consume the ingredient that causes the symptoms, will eliminate the complaints.Related articles in Pregnancy Nutrition Topics:
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