Watch out for this rider, it's dangerous

Watch out for this rider, it's dangerous

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High solubility of formaldehyde measured in chinese bamboo fiber containing melamine fiber polish has Polish effect. The products were also shipped to Hungary.

Contains Dangerous Substance by Effect (pictured by iStock)The National Food Chain Safety Authority (Nibih) requests that who has bought the leather, do not use it.The product concerned is melamine, Portable stone fiber with bamboo fiber, by a WHO shops were in the market, serial number 71646971, and RASFF reference number 2019.2926. The Office reported the case through the European Commission Rapid Alert System (RASFF). The authorities contacted the domestic distributor of the product, who, on the basis of a call from the parent company, removed the problem product from its shelves. It can also be found in foods in small amounts in natural sludge or as a source of contaminants, for example, due to leaching from plastics. Formaldehyde is most often absorbed into the human body with air. Inhaling large quantities causes eye irritation and may, in the long term, increase the risk of certain cancers - the Nebih website.