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Multiple times, for shorter periods

Multiple times, for shorter periods

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We train our resistance by moving out of the room to the cold air more often. Although it is a pleasure for children to move, it is better to stay in steep and dunes for shorter periods than once in a while.

Are we worth the air?
By the end of the winter season, large amounts of health-damaging material, especially in the city, will accumulate in the air during cold, wet weather. The matching cloud cover pushes the dirt underneath. During the heat season, concentrations of sulfur dioxide and dust in the air increase, while car exhaust and industrial pollutants are present at very constant levels throughout the year. The soot from diesel engines is especially dangerous because its tiny particles can penetrate the wells. Winter smog is a major burden for the smallest and the oldest, people with heart, lung, and circulatory problems. Air pollution probably contributes to the development of asthma, as the number of asthma patients has increased dramatically in the past decades. All in all, the city air is unhealthy, especially in Budapest, so if we can, we spend more nights in the countryside. In human days, it is enough to stay up to half the time with the child. We can't close it for weeks, but let's just move in the air. Ventilate at night, with less traffic and better air.
Breathe in bad weather!
If you are used to the daily, at least pleasant, circulating air, do not abandon the unfriendly weather setting. The immune system is boosted by regular exercise outdoors. It is very difficult to spend the day with your little child in a home without boredom, anxiety, craving and death. Dress them in layers so that you do not get cold when you leave the room, but you can remove a layer if it gets warm while moving. It is important to keep the feet dry and warm. Always put on a headgear. If you feel very uncomfortable with the time, it is better to use two shorter but more agile breaths. We should not go out unless the air is much heavier than the average (this gives the skin warmth), a thick mist, the wind is very strong, or the child is loose.