Don't let another kid out!

Don't let another kid out!

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Imagine being on the playground, sharing a little snack with our kids. Another baby girl has big eyes on what the others are eating, but her mom deals with the bigger brother. What's your solution? Do you want to try the girl?

Don't let another kid out!Don't do it! No matter how much your heart dictates, don't try to strangers an alien child! What are you doing? We can never be sure that a child will not suffer from a disease where it is forbidden to eat a particular food. Pastries seem to be innocent food, though I shouldn't stop them. Many pastries (even the simplest croissant) contain more ingredients than we think. Wholegrain is sensitive to wheat flour gluten, milk whites are sensitive, or milk sugar is sensitive to milk mixed with milk, egg allergies to eggs or egg yolks, and diabetes mellitus. There are also people who react poorly to common spices, additives, or colorants.
But not just bread is dangerous! Some patients need a special diet that does not fit in with anything the average mortal would consume. Many mothers remember the tiny blotch in the Newborn's heel caused by a light day in the sun. This test is designed to exclude some rare metabolic disorders, including phenylketonuria. This hereditary disease results in the dietary phenylalanine, the amino acid in the child's body, that is not degraded, but is constantly poisoned by the body and eventually excreted in the urine. Phenylalanine can be found in almost every diet, so these children receive special foods or nutritional supplements. Also, a disease called galactosemia has been brought under strict diet. If the patient receives food containing lactose (lactose), toxic toxic breakdowns are produced in the body. No matter how incredible it sounds, gyьmцlcscukor-йrzйkeny little ones live between us, so even innocent apples can be a source of trouble. Not to mention that someone with an allergic reaction can choose to have grapes, peaches, persimmons, strawberries, or just sorrel.
Children with dietary constraints - with the right way of life - mostly fit in with their peers, and often no outward signs indicate illness, and even the smallest cannot (or just can't) say. Before you can make a strange baby with anything, ask your mother if the baby should eat that particular food.Also worth reading:
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