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Sleep deprivation in childhood

Sleep deprivation in childhood

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Are you crazy about stumbling upon your baby after you lay it down? Don't worry, you're not alone.


You may be reassured to hear, but childhood sleepwalking is not uncommon, in most cases, it is only shaped and the majority of children grow older. Sleepwalk (or its scientific name szomnambulizmus, noktambulizmus) the paraszomniбk, that is neurological problems occurring during sleep belongs csoportjбba - use the kidshealth.Az the alvajбrбs or hйtkцznapi nevйn holdkуrossбg the alvбs bбrmelyik fбzisбban elхfordulhat йs egyszerы tevйkenysйgek (felьlйs, tapsolбs, beszйd, visszafekvйs) йpp may ъgy jellemzхek rб as цsszetett cselekvйsek (felkelйs, ajtуnyitбs, mбshovб vйcйzйs). A sleepwalking child may behave harmlessly, but may be grossly violent or indecent. The condition of sleepwalking can last from thirty seconds to thirty minutes, and after awakening you do not remember those who are familiar with it. In addition to the well-known lunar cycle, children may have sleep apnea (which is a potentially severe sleep disorder that interrupts Of course not, of course, but the danger is that a sleepwalking child will do something dangerous, for example, open the door and curl up. The sleepwalk does not mean that there is something seriously wrong with the child, either emotionally or physically, it is also advisable to consult a specialist if sleep deprivation occurs very often or if you have other symptoms.

What can we do if our child sleeps?

- Let's try not to wake him up, because it might scare you, but rather carefully send him back.
- Close windows, doors, and not just in the kid's bedroom. For older children, it is also advisable to place the keys in a place where you do not look for them, so that you do not accidentally get a car or drive a car.
- To avoid rainfall, it is advisable not to sleep on a sleeper bed.
- Remove sharp objects that may cause frostbite from the bed area.
- Keep hazardous materials well protected at all times.
- Before you fall asleep, calm down your baby, even with music.
- Establish and adhere to regular daily and nightly routines, including bedtime and waking hours.
- Lay the child down early, this can have a good effect on the undercoat.
- Don't let them drink a lot before going to bed and make sure they were on the toilet before they go to bed.
- Ignore caffeine before going to bed.Related Articles:
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