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The birth weight also depends on the surprise

The birth weight also depends on the surprise

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The birth weight of babies whose mothers fall asleep during the third trimester of pregnancy may be lower.

An analysis of data from a 1760 pregnant mother in New Zealand found that they were born with less weight babies whose mothers slept in the back, as opposed to those who slept on their sides. Newborns born to mothers sleeping on the average came to 3.41 kilos on the world, while birth weight was 3.55 kilos on their side. However, this is not a problem at all, as the average falls in the normal range in each case.How should a pregnant mother sleep?
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According to experts, this is because lying on his back the blood supply of the blood is deterioratingand this may also affect the growth of the fetus. According to researchers, although everyone turns around at night, they usually spend the most time we fall asleep.It is often difficult to find the right position how much a mom can relax. According to experts, by the 30th week of pregnancy, it does not really matter how much the mother sleeps, but afterwards it is better to rest in a more lying position. "The first two trimesters of pregnancy are the best position we feel most comfortable with and the most relaxing we can feel," he said. dr. Nathan Fox professor of maternity nurse (via / via)Also worth reading:
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