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Can September Start Be Stress-Free?

Can September Start Be Stress-Free?

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Outfitted clothes, frayed ovis or pen cases, a bored schoolboy, and a long list of school supplies - nowadays, most of the family's thoughts revolve around the start of September.

Can September Start Be Stress-Free?If you are familiar with this situation, it is worth reading Szilvia Licsбr practical and stress-relieving tips from a teacher, a Jtlkliget expert!

Let us have a list, and more than a few more!

It is important that don't leave everything for the last few days, let's see it now: look at your wardrobe, put on your outfits, look at your booklets, pencils, and see what you can use from the previous year. In the meantime, let's list exactly what we need and then summarize it with the student list. It may seem like a good idea to be out of the money in one day, but experience has shown that this is rarely the case. By the end of the day, children and grown-ups alike will be exhausted, the parents will be impatient, the child will be miserable. Instead, it's worth splitting up your shopping, so occasionally buying a dime is more relaxed and your child is more comfortable with the new acquisitions.

Are you online or in person?

You can save time - and often money - by getting the tools you need from web clothes, but in the first case, it is usually important to personally select what you want to bring to school, but many. It may also be a good alternative to select more than one business to go, and if you have a favorite, we are born online, you can also save a lot when buying a larger item.

I'd rather make the money alone, so it's faster. No?

At first, it seems like a good idea, since we know what's practical, hard-wired, and prices are better suited to our wallet than to the needs of the child. But based on Szilvia Licsár's experience, this seemingly quick solution is not necessarily the best. "A mother has come to the business for the third time. one day they come along with a child who strokes a nicely designed red feather with a feather stroke. they count a lot. "

And if you don't like it anyway?

It may be that the school has already been purchased or given to us for ovis graduation, so we did not know what our child really wanted. Many in the family, the sibling is attracted to older siblings, so there is no way to call it. If your child doesn't seem to be fond of it because they don't have the current favorite or featured pattern on the pin, then you might want to try liking that figure. Let's come up with a common story that you want to love. For example, if you are autistic or butterfly, you should get a print-like or color-coded worksheet similar to the pattern. Let's fold it, stick it out, cut out these figures, collect roulette stories!

Come on and cover!

- An era is over, with kids going to high school from school we can also make selections between games. Selling a few bored pieces can give you a "big boy", "big" gift that you will use at school.- which we can strike at a favorable price.- We can create booklets, order, for ourselves, but we can obtain a few things profitably. If you also have one unnecessary need - whether used but in good condition - schoolboy, pen holder, school supplies or gymnastics, you can donate it to the Reformed Association's collection points. we can also collect for our class.Liligard Szilvia said that We help you with a -10% offer parents can offer up to 10% of the purchase amount to the child's ovis group, class - from this sum enthusiastic educators can make fun games and tools that children can use.Related articles on Getting Started:
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