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Family vs. Kindergarten: What's the Conflict?

Family vs. Kindergarten: What's the Conflict?

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Who helps a baby if he or she feels a problem, a particular child's behavior catches him or her, despite his or her many-year routine? And who can help a parent if - rightly - they feel that they have been unfair?

Kindergarten conflicts

Even in December, it happened that in a settlement in Bács-Kiskun County, the two-year-old joined hands of a three-year-old boy. Or mr. A sad story in which not only the child is the victim, but the affected adults as well, the parents and the parents. The truth may never be learned: We sense it, we need to talk about it, but without the details of that particular thing. We are trying to find answers on how to avoid such things happening in Hungary today, and who can be contacted for help by anyone with whom they are going?
Who helps a baby if he or she feels it is a problem, the behavior of a particular child is caught up in it, and despite his or her many-year routine, he or she is thought to be inaccessible to him or her? And who helps a parent if he / she feels - rightly - that he or she has experienced an injustice but that the case cannot be interpreted as a criminal category?
There are many solutions to inquiries - in theory. However, the practice is much lighter.

Too many kids

"Theoretically, a school should look like the following: A total of one child, one group with a newborn and a nanny. Katalin Fabibn, President of the Hungarian Association of Educational Teachers.
"Under such circumstances, it would be possible for the person with the problem to be able to lift the child out of the group during the day, and to ask for help and support for the child in the most difficult cases. the law is a single main psychology, meaning in a lively, rural setting, that person is almost permanently out there, spending up to half a day in kindergarten each week.
And the owls are also few in number: I just received a letter, all the way from the gadgets. My colleague alone is carrying a group of 25 people with 4, that is, a very special SNI, that is special education needs! This is an unimaginable burden. And yes, it's supposed to be lawless, but what to do is the only school in the neighborhood and the kids are school-bound. "
The situation in Budapest is a bit more favorable, but not perfect here either. Although the minimum personal condition is assured at most places, it is not uncommon in the capital to belong to a group of two nanny at the same time, and here the psychologist has five hundred children at a time, even if you have to travel less.
"Rabadul a pszicholуgus working slowly: observing, analyzing, and only recommending - perhaps according to her experience, "says Katalin Fabibn." But the owl may need help there and then.
Theoretically, you could get quick help from a senior student - if it wasn't for the reason of a cost reduction, the head of the school would just take twice as much as the rest of the admin. But you have no time or opportunity to go to the neighboring group. "

Something's wrong in high school

"Kindergarten children are full of emotions in the world, and they are not very capable of systematizing or debunking them. But the parent, who is in close contact with their child, Usually, he keeps track of when there is a problem. If your child is new, has strange habits, or is behaving like never before, it is worth pausing for a moment.
And if family members or other acquaintances indicate that the child has become a child, we should start to suspect. How did you behave in a dog? What could have happened at that time? There are things that can easily upset the soul of an educator: parents' relationship problems, choice, brother's arrival, death, a move. However, if there is no such explanation for the change, then something might have happened in kindergarten - says Swords Judit, psychologist.
In this case, you can get help from a child psychologist - get help from your local parenting board! - help you to figure out what the problem is and help you solve it.

Who helped the parents?

What can a parent do, both directly (from the child or the child's narrative) and indirectly, to conclude that the child has been impoverished in kindergarten?
Of course it is in the first round It's worth signaling to youthat you do not like something - you may have just five minutes to clear up. At the second level, the school manager can be asked to resolve the conflict. If that doesn't work, it can always be ask for official help before or instead of legal steps - in the form of mediation.
Many family helpers can use the services of a mediator for free - but unfortunately, the one who lives in the capital is less well off than the one who is away. The list of licensed mediators can in principle be downloaded from the Ministry of Justice website. If a lunar or kindergarten leader refuses to contact you, this will not lead to a solution. After all, it's worth discussing it, because legal can only be longer and bitter.
If the media is unavailable and / or unsuccessful, the next step is to officially investigate the complaint or complaint. The first step to this is to make a formal written complaint to your school manager, if any, in your school. Secondly, the official complaint is with the reservation (in the case of a state institution, a notary, chief notary).
Both levels apply to cases where no criminal misconduct has occurred, the rights of the child have been violated, or the conditions set forth in the School Code of Conduct have not been met.
A police report is only meaningful if there is a very serious suspicion of punishment.

What is mediбciу?

THE mediator specialist with the help of the parties to the dispute, they can reach a mutually agreed solution to a problem or conflict. In the immediate past, in a Buda kindergarten, I sought the help of a mediator because of a little boy who was behaving with his companions and was very aggressive. In mediation both parents and children were involved, and by the end of the process the problem behavior had completely disappeared.
It is important, however, that mediation rules allow indirect only if it is equally requested by all parties concerned and the costs incurred are the same.

Child alarms

In these cases, it is definitely worth checking out the reasons for the changes:
  • The child suddenly becomes afraid of something priceless
  • His sleeping habits change
  • Its basic nature changes: the quiet kid becomes aggressive, the big one gets back
  • He regularly undresses himself
  • It starts to rage
  • He has various acts, such as beating his head against a wall

  • I'm a winner!
  • We're getting to the public
  • Extremely lively?

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