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We couldn't finish the bend

We couldn't finish the bend

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A health condition has been proclaimed in Washington, and we cannot cope with the twists and turns that prevail in other states.

We couldn't finish the bendIn Washington, we could not cope with the twists and turns that have spread to dozens of other federal states.
In Washington, the state of health was finally announced in January. By then, dozens of patients had been registered in hospitals, but since then, forty-eight patients have been treated for this infectious disease. 41 patients were not vaccinated.
Bends have also spread to states in Oregon, Colorado, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia and California, and even in remote Hawaii. The majority of those affected were children and did not receive medical treatment. Even a fatal turn in the United States was reported in 2000, but the disease reopened in 2009. According to experts, they have been brought in partly because of the strong anti-vaccine movement in some of the United States. As a frequent cover kцvetkeztйben йs szйlesebb kцrben the kanyarуs megbetegedйsek.A tanulmбny kьlцnцsen minхsнtette veszйlyeztetettnek Washington бllamban lйvх vбrosбt йs kцrnyйkйt Seattle, Portland, Oregon, Detroit, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh vбrosбt, the Phoenix, Arizona, Texas йs бllam tцbb vбrosбt, kцztьk the fхvбrost In Austin, the anti-vaccine movement is strong, and many parents have chosen to refuse vaccinations. Most often, vaccines are said to cause serious illnesses, including autism. This transport has not yet been verified by science.Related articles in bends:
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