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No village grandmother? Get in the peasant house!

No village grandmother? Get in the peasant house!

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It would be nice if the kid knew the goat, the rooster, not just from the book. But not everyone is fortunate enough to "kick" a child for a couple of days to the village grandmother, where, running in the good air, can get closer to nature.

The solution is not that complicated. Get it together with your little kid friends and give it a house for a couple of days! Pack up the inflatable pools, the water guns, and get off!

Useful tips for construction
- Ask in the circle of acquaintances if there was anyone else you could kindly recommend.
- Decide how many you want to go with all that stuff with kids. There is a physiological boundary that is overwhelmingly numerically overwhelming by the number of contributors who find it difficult to organize and logistics. (5 moms, 10 children, most of the upper border.)
- Think about whether everyone has a play partner, an age-appropriate partner, and others.
- This is also true for moms, it is important that you go with moms who share much of the same educational, parenting principles, because serious conflicts are equally inevitable.
- Find a place relatively close to where you live, so you avoid long and costly travel, and if the weather is bad or something goes wrong, you can get home easily.
- Get ready for the rainy days, wear rubber boots, raincoats and socks so you can reserve your apron.
- When choosing a spot, be very careful that everyone has a well-separable room. The sleeping rhythm and ability of children, toddlers, is very different, well, if you have to rely on less of each other.
- Talk about solving the meals. It's a good idea if everyone takes a canteen and secures their own.
- Have a couple of glasses of jefella wine so you can finally have a good time on the porch after investing.
The recipe is really simple, the organization does not require a lot of energy, and if you choose the right ingredients (company, on-site), you won't be in trouble. Kids will enjoy being out in the garden or on the streets of the village all day long, and you can breathe a little because together with the kid-guide, you will be sure to have your kid touch the potato.
It is possible to sunbathe in sleep and to dumb down after investing.
Need more than that?
It's still a month from the summer, and when the sun goes down and you're bored with the playground-green-drug holy trinity, quickly bribe our friends.
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