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The wisdom I learned from you, Mom

The wisdom I learned from you, Mom

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At times, everyone can feel the waves crashing over their heads: everyday is monotonous and boring, yet there is a lot of stress in our lives. Because of this, we tend to forget what's really important in life.

We can learn a lot from grandparentsJess Hunt, the author of says he had to watch his grandparents' health deteriorate completely in a short period of time and that they were forced into a special home. "Rйgen the nagymamбm йs the nagypapбm also were like bбrmelyikьnk. Цsszehбzasodtak, alapнtottak csalбdot, sajбt caught vбllalkozбsba, aztбn unokбik йs dйdunokбik tartottбk important to tanulбst also szьlettek. Mйg idхsebb age, aktнv role vбllaltak the kцzцssйg йs the csalбdjuk йletйben. Egyikхjьk he never thought they would have to give it up once, "says Jess Hunt. "In the ninety years of my life, my grandmother has learned many important life lessons, and these are worth thinking about for those who are full of strength now."

Collecting items is a waste of time

"The New Home cannot bring with it objects, furniture, books, collected over the decades, and it will soon be decided upon by others instead. "My grandmother now thinks a lot more about what she thought was so special about whether she really wanted to collect these items because she couldn't carry them with her," says Jess Hunt.

The time spent with our loved ones is unbearable

"My grandfather may not always know my grandmother, but he or she still feels the best about each other. they were also small. "

Let's enjoy our independence

"Being able to do anything on our own is a huge reward. Many people find it absolutely natural to help save, save, drive, but unfortunately, we can lose them over time. he had to give up driving, and then he had to move, walk, stop, and not even catch the chopper.

Let's be nice

"My grandmother is loved by everyone because she is kind and weak in nature, sincerely interested in how she feels and what she has to say. "

Money never costs as much as time

"We can make, collect, and make any money, our lives end up giving up, and what used to define our years is, in fact, useless, more than anything, owned, "says Jess Hunt. Forrбs: You may also be interested in:
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