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There will be more places for worshipers in Central Hungary

There will be more places for worshipers in Central Hungary

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This year it is mainly in Central-Hungary that they are creating new places of worship and expanding places, as this part of the country has so far been left out of the European development resources.

There will be more places for worshipers in Central HungaryThe news is from the Secretary of State for Family and Family Affairs of the Ministry of Human Resources (Emmi), Katalin Novák He also announced that in 2018, he plans to spend $ 10 billion on development in Bihar and focus on the Central Hungarian region.He added that over the past few years, 117 billion HUF has been earmarked for the creation of Welsh and Kindergartens, which is due to the number of new places in Belscheid, which is about one in five thousand.Related articles in Böccsхde:
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