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Little Girl Got the New Idea?

Little Girl Got the New Idea?

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Girlie Glue, or Baby Glue, hated her: Parents who are terribly afraid of seeing their children as boys.

Little Girl Got the New Idea? (photo: Girlie Glue's Facebook page)

Do you see your baby boy just because he doesn't have too much hair yet? Tragйdia! But "Kislбny Glue" (Girlie Glue) helped me out! Now on the headboard you can understand the gender of the childrenso everyone will have a clear idea of ​​what they are pinching for fish - quotes made of glue). You can be a maid, a flower stick the kid on the head (!), and with this wider public, make the sex of the child public: because you still don't have (enough) hair, he's a little girl! Yes, there are parents who think they look good karбcsonykor. According to Baby's Glue, "it is not possible to get involved in the mind too soon." Obviously, this is the most important thing for a baby to be able to match the baby as soon as you have a girl or obligatory flowers, masks and other sweets. I suppose the others (family, friends, neighbors) know the gender of the newborn, but then there are worried parents who wouldn't survive if strangers weren't informed that there was a little thing out there. We don't want to give you tips by accident, but why don't you have a sticker for little boys?
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